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guess I just need some physical real person by my side to hold my hand -in my weak mental ass - that's never gonna happen...don't even know why I keep coming to this virtual online place
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My guess is that you keep coming here because some part of you knows what you need to do and knows that reaching out for help is the right thing to do. Have you been drinking a lot today too? That won't help the situation either unfortunately.

As others have mentioned, the friends and family section might be of interest to you as well, some there have gone through what you have and understand it very clearly.
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try2again,you don't have to do this by is great you are here and that can help with your drinking and support you in your life.
There are also other online support groups that solely help people in abusive relationships that have wonderful resources and info for leaving the relationships safely.
They can help put you in touch with the people whose job is to support you through this.
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Hi Try2

I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this.

There are a lot links in this thread and I hope you'll read them, maybe call some numbers when it's safe to do so?

Noone deserves to be abused.

Noone deserves to be an alcoholic either.
As regards you're drinking, you're not alone - we may not be 'real life' flesh & blood but the support here is very real.

Please keep posting.
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Originally Posted by try2again View Post
watch intervention & just wish you had family & friends that cared enough like that? yeah, i'd go...
ifyou'd go if someone else cared enough to intervene but another person like that is not available, then you need to be that person for yourself. the one who cares enough to intervene.
if you think rehab will help you, then care eneough to go.
while you are there, you will be safe from spouse abuse and in that safe space, without drink, you can make plans for a saner future.

i often desperately wanted someone to intervene about various things in my life......i realized that it was all about being unwilling to take rssponsibility for myself. about choices i made and those that were open to me. making choices was and can be scary. there are consequences.
much easier to wish for someone to intervene than to set in motion myself what i wish someone would do for me.
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I just don't know where i'm at - pretty sure I need mental help - but then again live w/ this man that's like just get over it. I know I have a lot of hate deep inside me. I just drink to be comfortably numb...
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a good place to start might be a health care person. or a women's organization.
if that's too daunting, maybe start with phoning a crisis line....they have a book of available resources in your area, and all the contact info. you don't need to be in an immediate emergency to phone them.
you could also go to some AA meetings and make some connections with others, at least tentatively.

if there is no one to intervene or help, then you will have to take steps yourself.
easier said than done, i realize.
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You can make big changes but it takes small steps in the right direction. Start by making an appointment with you doctor or a counselor or go to an AA/recovery meeting. Things like that, anything positive other than drink and you will start getting better.
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