I'm back and very glad to be back

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I'm back and very glad to be back

I did a complete week then after a major pitfall in school/work I took another break, but now I'm determined to keep my sobriety up for the long term. That taste of what I had has made all the difference. I plan to just deal with this hang over, go to work and afterwards go straight home.
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One day at a time. It helps to take the pressure off.

When people say "I will never drink ever again" it is sometimes a big burden on the mind and it adds stress.

Good luck.
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Welcome back sonkien. Do you have any specific plans for what you might do this time to make sure you don't drink again?
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Welcome back!
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I've noticed that I really hurt myself when I drank
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my advice is to make a plan Sonkien

welcome back

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I'm so glad you're back, Sonkien - with new determination.
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Thanks for your posts.

What I plan to do this time around is reassure myself that I cannot have just one drink. And not turn to alcohol when things go bad.

I'm going to remember this hangover and try keeping myself busy. It was a ritual in the past after work and on my days off to pick up my pint, head home and drink it while on my computer with the tv on. I plan on incorporating more exercise in my life once I feel better.

I'm also planning to check out the recovery plans D mentioned.

I'd like to check out some local social gathering and make some new friends and fill my time with other things then just staying in my room after work.
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