One huge improvement

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One huge improvement

I'm only 11 days sober. But I wanted to post about a wonderful thing I've noticed.

When I'm drinking, or more accurately in the middle of the night and mornings after drinking my thoughts are so negative. Scary images of terrible things and a really gloomy outlook practically put me out of commission.

I can't stand to see things suffer. And drinking made negative thoughts about people and animals getting hurt really surface. It was terrible. Quitting drinking, even in this short time has improved this so much. The negativity has really lessened and I don't feel so under the grip of this bad thinking. Thanks to all of you at SR, you're helping me so much. I'm here 3-4 times per day.
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Oh 3:15 a.m. the demons always used to come around and they had nothing good to say. At a little over one year, I can't say this doesn't still happen sometimes...but I now can tell them to shut up a lot better. It's wonderful that you're experiencing that, too.

It sounds like you're an empath, like many of us here. Researching that was so enlightening for me after a lifetime of being criticized for "taking everything too seriously" and being "too sensitive." I thought everyone felt the way I did but they all handled it so much better...turns out, we are different in how much we sense and experience others' emotions.

You're doing great! Keep going!
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Yes, I am 77 days sober and my negative thoughts are pretty much gone. I still have my moments but things are slowly getting better.

The way I see it is that when you are hungover you feel bad, you are dehydrated and depleted so how can you have anything but negative thoughts and feelings?
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