Eight years today. It all started with Day One.

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Congratulations on nearly a decade of sobriety Lexie, that's truly inspiring. Thank you for all you have contributed here on SR as well.
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Thank you Lexie for all you do and share on F and F forum, and also as a model for recovery.
Congrats on your 8 years--
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way to go!
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You're fabulous, Lexie. So very proud of you and thankful you're here.
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Congratulations Lexie

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Way to go Lexiecat thanks for imparting this wonderful message
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Congratulations LexieCat! And thank you for sharing your story. It makes me so happy to hear success stories like yours. Take care and thank you for what you do here. It is a good thing

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Congratulations and thanks for all the wisdom you share.
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I remember your story of recovery from one of the first times I logged in here in 2010. In early sobriety I would read the stories of recovery many times and your story was a highlight.
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Well done on 8 years Lexi, and thank you for the inspiration.
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What a great success story. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
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Reality...what a concept!
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Congratulations and thank you! Those of is with a lot less time need to be reminded that it is possible!
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