Eight years today. It all started with Day One.

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Eight years today. It all started with Day One.

Hi, guys,

I'm usually over at the F&F forum these days, but still active in AA for my ongoing recovery from alcoholism. Eight years ago today I had my last drink. I remember intentionally waiting till the next night to go to my first AA meeting (for myself--I'd been to plenty over the years in connection with other people's recovery). I also remember turning down the 24-hour chip because I hadn't QUITE made it 24 hours (got one the next night).

I remember, so well, how desperate and awful I felt when I walked into the first meeting, and how people welcomed me and said, "You never have to feel this way again." And they were right--I've had awful days since then, but never the horrible feeling of staring down the rest of my life as an increasingly-trapped and isolated drunk.

The first few months I felt like I was in a fog a lot of the time. Like a flickering lightbulb that you have to tap to get it to stay on. I'd forget things, feel anxious, couldn't make decisions at the grocery store (there were entire food groups--anything that couldn't be microwaved--that had become unfamiliar over the years).

I've had spurts of progress and frustrating plateaus in learning to live a balanced sober life. It seems that recently, I've become much more centered and present in everyday life. I feel almost like a normal person much of the time, lol. I'm more forgiving of myself and other people for being human.

So just a little post of celebration, and hopefully encouragement to anyone there who is new-ish and/or struggling. Hang in there. Keep doing the next right thing, forgive your mistakes (but don't let drinking be one of them--drinking never made ANYTHING better and it will undo much of your hard work), and keep on trudgin' that road of happy destiny. It's SO worth it.
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Congrats on 8 yrs sober and thanks for telling your story.
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That's great...

That's great, congratulations and as someone who himself was eight years sober back in February, I sincerely mean that ...its really wonderful!
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Well done LexieCat
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Way to go, Lexie! You are an inspiration
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BTW, for anyone interested, here's a link to my "story" (and I'm sticking to it, lol), posted after two years of sobriety:
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You are so right, "It is so worth it."
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Congratulations, Lexie! And thanks for all the support you give here at SoberRecovery!
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Have a fantastic Day !!
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Congrats to you, Lexie.

The effort most certainly is worth the sobriety we get.
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Do your best
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Congratulations LexiCat and thank you for your motivating words!
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Congratulations on 8 years, Lexie!!

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Cool. Thanks
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Congratulations on 8 years Lexiecat a woman said something similar "you never have to drink again" and I'll never forget that.
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Congrats, Lexie!
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Congrats, Redmayne!
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good on ya, lexie!!

youre an inspiration and have great advise both here and over in the f&f forum!
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