Some people in AA really disappoint me.

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Originally Posted by 2muchpain View Post
Hard cord AA people stick to what worked for them, not realizing that their way doesn't fit everybody.
I might phrase this differently John. Hard core AA people stick to what worked for them (we simply have a way that worked with us) fully realizing their limitations (we realize we know only a little) and their lack of professional standing. (none of us makes a vocation out of this work).

It is pointless looking to AA to come up with other methods. AA conducts no research, has no treatment programs, no counsellors or qualified workers, just some suggestions and opportunities for service. It is up to the professionals in the field to come up with alternatives, AA just has nothing to offer in that regard.

Recently I came across two people who made suicide attempts at two different groups. One was a young mother. They had one thing in common. A sponsor, unqualified in therapy, who tried to take them through a different kind of program, one that requires a qualified professional to conduct. Coincidence? It can be pretty dangerous for AA members to dabble in therapy.

Other than showing you what we did, we don't have a lot to offer.
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