Starting AA concerned about sponsors

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^That is why I made the choice. I had two for a little bit because I did not want to be "shirking" my commitment because I didn't "like" the first one's style or demands. It was important to me to think and pray about WHY I had become uncomfortable with the first one, and whether I was just looking for an "easier, softer path" with a sponsor. That's the nutshell and why I said it was a longer story than I could post here I was not advocating keeping two, just that - in my case- it was the situation I found myself choosing and then deciding about, to be my best sober self and keep growing.
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One is never forced to get a sponsor in AA. What usually happens is that we hear enough in time spent in meetings from certain people that we relate to and then make a decision on our own, yes I would like to ask that one if they would be my sponsor or temporary sponsor.
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