Sober 4th of July

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Sober 4th of July

I went to a 4th of July celebration last night with some family. On my way back home I got pulled over. When the police officer came to my truck he asked me if I knew why I got pulled over and I honestly didn't know. He said my brake light was out in which I responded "I had no idea". He then asked me if I had been drinking tonight and I smiled real big and said "No sir I have not. Haven't had a drink in quite some time now". He stood there for a second, I guess trying to decide if he believed me or not, then gave me a verbal warning and let me go. I feels real good not to worry about that anymore. Just thought I would share.
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I know that feeling, wshall. I'm so glad for you - congrats on enjoying the celebration sober. We can do this.
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Awesome & happy 4th of july
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I can't imagine how proud you felt to have those words come out of your mouth! Good for you!

Have a happy, sober, and safe 4th everyone!
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What a great feeling. It's funny, I am not a cop but when my friends have been drinking or smoking pot it just seems so obvious to me. How did I ever think I was getting away with it?
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Isn't that the truth, gaffo? I thought I was so clever.
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Its a good feeling eah? This is my second 4th of July being sober. I hope to add many more.
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This is my first sober 4th and I can't believe how much calmer and happier my life is. Happy independence from our dependence everyone! Lol
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I sure don't miss my traditional way of celebrating July 5th- All the fireworks like throwing-up, screaming headaches, anxiety, and futile hair of the dog.

There's a strong chance I'll wake up happy and rested tomorrow. Thoasands upon thoasands will be hung-over. They can have it.
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The feeling of driving sober is AWESOME, I have been loving that. My BF had a gig about 45 minutes away from home Sunday night (and it was fun, so I stayed until the end!) and it was such a relief to drive home, even at 2am, to know I was safe and alert.

We went downtown for our city's big festival yesterday, and towards the evening, had a couple of people offer me a beer by practically putting one in my hands. I was able to say no without it being a big deal. We knew a lot of promotors and musicians that were playing, so when they had a cooler full of extra beer at the end of the evening, they were trying hard to get rid of it! It wasn't as hard to say no as I would have thought. I am tired today, but not hungover!

Awesome about the verbal warning. Happy 4th!
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I have been stopped several times in holiday road blocks.

I always have a cooler with me, so they ask for my consent to search it, which I readily give.

I got pulled over for something 2 - 3 years ago, and the policeman, deputy, state trooper, or whatever, asked me whether I had been drinking.

I told him that I don't drink, and he accepted that without further inquiry (or even a ticket, I think).
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