Learning to Walk

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Learning to Walk

Well, today marks two weeks sober.

During the week, with work and my wife and son at home, things are going relatively smoothly. That is not to say that I'm not tempted every single day to hit the liquor store on my way home and stock up on vodka and beers.... but I'm able to shrug it off.

But here we are, Friday night. Wife at work and my son getting ready to go to sleep and here comes the urge. Fortunately, my son is too young to leave by himself so there is a zero percent chance that I will run back out to the store, but all in all this is all but agonizing.

However, when I try to analyze my situation, I'm starting to see that one of the reasons that the weekdays seem to be getting better is because there are more weekdays than weekends. I'm learning how to cope with the challenges of the weekday little by little. But this is only my third weekend sober.

I'm starting to realize that since I had alcohol involved in EVERYTHING I did, I now have to learn how to do EVERYTHING all over again.... this time without booze. Its like learning to walk all over again.

I wish I could say I'm proud of going this long without a drink, but at the moment I'm just missing my old friend (enemy) alcohol.
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Congrats on 2 weeks Belgian.

First thing - relax. It's completely normal for most of us to miss alcohol - it was the lynchpin of my life certainly.

It's also normal to have cravings at 2 weeks - mine lasted significantly longer than that...but they faded eventually, and died..

Yours will too.

I really think the measure of our recovery lies not in never having cravings, but in how we deal with them

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Congratulations on two weeks I have 51 days and the cravings are way less I craved real bad at two weeks but after a month it got a lot better.
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congrats on the 2 weeks! its ok it gets better. I'm surprised i didnt have a funeral for my beers after i gave up. It does feel like you loose your best friend or your left arm or something. It eases up eventually you realize the loss is a pretty good thing even tho in those early days you have some grief and remorse etc..

what your feeling is normal. weekdays might be easier cause you kinda get busy and distracted and weekends can be that unwind time with idle hands whereyou start getting ideas to drink to pass the time.

Enjoy the down time being sober. It can be done its nice too.
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2 Weeks is fantastic Belgian!!

Give yourself some more time, things need to adjust, your body needs to heal, those thoughts are natural as your body is craving what it has always had!!

Keep pushing through!!
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sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of yourself. congrats on your success!
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I think you would really enjoy the Sober Weekenders thread...

Here's the link:
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