Crazy dreams

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Crazy dreams

Has anyone had crazy real feeling dreams of drinking in the early days of sobriety?
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Originally Posted by 83polk View Post
Has anyone had crazy real feeling dreams of drinking in the early days of sobriety?
Yep. Check out this thread.
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Matt M
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I found that I had less nightmares.
When i've been drinking heavily EVERY single dream I have each night is an anxiety related dream, so I wake up panicked thinking 'thank god that was only a dream'.
When i've been going sober I still have mental dreams which make no sense, but they're not as worrying.
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It's extremely common. I've read about it in articles, seen it in posts here and heard it in AA.

In a kind of way, alcoholism is the brain literally using alcohol as food. Your brain uses it and less of its natural chemicals. If you stopped eating for three days, food dreams probably wouldn't be unexpected.
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I had lots of very scary dreams when I first detoxed on my first few attempts at this. For sure it's normal. I had a dream that a friend and I were running from two men for some reason. They caught us and tied us to a chain link fence. Covered us in gasoline. I woke up when one walked toward me with a flame. It was crystal clear. Not sure what it means exactly if its a metaphorical dream or just from the stress and anxiety of detox.
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Ha, welcome to the club. Those dreams scared the beejeezus out of me. First of all, it'd been so long since I remembered having dreams, because I was always just passed out in a drunken heap. Secondly, they were SO VIVID and most of the time they involved me using alcohol, and I would wake up terrified and very shaken. Really spooked me.

I was glad to hear that many people experience the same things. I am a year sober now and those dreams are extremely rare at this point. Haven't had one in months. During the first few months, though, they were frequent and scary. They will pass, and don't worry, they are common and they are just dreams, after all.
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Yes, I'm having those too. I'm 7 days sober today and every single night I wake up terrified and profoundly ashamed because I was doing shots in my dream (I never did shots in real life lol).
But again, 10 or so years back when I was on a restricted diet I had nightmares about eating forbidden gluten. It did pass so I'm hoping drinking dreams will go away eventually.
Stay strong!
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While im not what the AA world thinks of as "sober" Because i do occasionally drink .

However to qualify my opinion ,It has been a year since i was intoxicated .

Now with that said ,my consumption is within low to zero consumption range .

So my brain is not being attacked by alochol or any mind altering substance ,with the exceptions of tobacco and about 1 mg of zanax i week ,most of the time no drinking and no xanax .

So i told that to get here ,I have some CRAZY dreams on occasion ,dont know why ,But some of them are downright scary ,1 involved quitting my job .

Dreams -if we could figure them out ,We could very well unlock the keys to the mind .

When i have a couple days of interrupted sleep and crazy dreams ,on the third day ill take a xanax ,and it stops the dreams .

The only thing i could figure out is im bi-polar , ??

But i refuse to assualt my brain with meds for a small problem .
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Yes! Early in my sobriety, I was having them all the time. It seemed like they wouldn't stop too. I read that it is common for the dreams to happen and it makes sense if you think about it. Your brain is so programmed to drinking that it "misses' the alcohol. Good news... they do go away. I have almost 2.5 years sober and I really can't remember the last time I had one.

Good luck
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Definetely having some crazy dreams (3 days since last drinking) but mine never involve alcohol...mine are more nightmarish...scary REAL feeling...and lately they all involve a particular place in real life I hold close to my heart. Really wonder what certain dreams mean...
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I have been visited by dead relatives...drunk bottles of gin, spent all night being chased through strange landscapes... The good news is that the dreams stopped at about day 10. I wake refreshed after sound sleep now. Still surprised not to have to force my hungover body into a vertical position though.
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For sure some crazy ones ,One of them involved a friend coming to visit ,Him ,Myself and my Grandad looking at our tractors .

Grandad has been gone a LONG ,time and my friend lives over 1000 miles away ,
Had 2 or 3 dreams about events with my grandad involved about the time of his birthday .

Could be dreams are subconcious ,i avoid stupid movies ,pron ,and general negative things ,Dont want that stored in the harddrive .
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