Withdrawal - pins and needles feeling

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For me, almost all of my serious withdrawal symptoms (fever, shakes, cold sweats, nausea, pins and needles, flushing of the skin) outside of insomnia and fatigue were gone around day 4 - 5.
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I have been having this for months... loading up on my vitamins but I have this heaviness in my bladder that's freaking me right out.... went to the hospital and blood work and urinalysis came back normal... I told the Dr I was a daily drinker so he'd know to look for signs but I need to book in with my family dr... just scared.... I'm still drinking... but I haven't today... I'm just a wee thing standing (for the most part) at 4"11...I've been pretty much putting back a mickey of whisky or vodka now for I'd say 3 years... started as a half then... I live on my own so I'm scared of the withdrawal process but this has got to stop... my anxiety is through the roof... Dr Google. ..insomnia ... skin flush.. even darker patches on my face like hyper pigmentation. . First time writing.. sorry for yammering... it just feels so good to get it out...
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Welcome aboard K66

If you're scared of withdrawal there really is nothing better than seeing your Dr first - he/she can help set your mind at ease and may be able to help you with the withdrawal process?

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FYI - mine have gone away
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Thank you for replying...
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Glad you are here.

You don't have to go through this ever again if you do the right things when you get through withdrawal.
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Originally Posted by mwstylee View Post
Thanks yall. I guess going to the doc isn't really a money issue (lucky to have good insurance) but I'm so hesitant to face another person and reveal to them how severe my drinking is.

Bulldog777-I'm a bit nervous you mention the racing heart. I sat at work yesterday with my heart racing like crazy, sweaty palms, shaking, etc. I will take your advice to heart if I feel this coming on again that heavily. I'd say it's maybe 30% less today.

ACOAHappyNow- Just ate breakfast and popped a vitamin. I'm usually too hungover to eat breakfast, so this is a great change and I'm sure my body appreciates some nutrients other than alcohol and pepsi chaser.
Hi we are in the same's hard, i keep craving
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Matt M
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I've had plenty of nasty withdrawals but I've never experienced that.
I tend to get the shakes, severe anxiety, can't sleep for about three nights, can't eat, racing heart etc.
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