Anyone ever break anything (bones)?

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Anyone ever break anything (bones)?

Well, here I am bored out of my mind.

Haven't been allowed to drive, lost my job, just lost my health insurance because of job loss, and I can't even walk.

Absolutely sober and can't get alcohol. Not that I want to. I have 4 broken bones in my leg and wasn't even drunk.

Sent in a letter to outpatient rehab stating I can't drive or walk. They said they will be contacting the judge who mandated my rehab (4 months ago). Let's see how much more agony I can get into by just laying here...

At least I can't get in trouble right?
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EEEPS that sounds bad. Being able to run is a big deal to me so I know if i where in yoru shoes i'd be going bonkers and thats an understatement. Hang in there. Maybe you can find someting to distract yourself a movie or book or something?
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How is your pain level, BBE?
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sober style
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That's rough, I feel for you bro. Hang in there. I mentioned that I shattered my proximal humerus in your other thread, just mind-boggling pain. I lucked into a great surgeon and I now have a titanium shoulder than does the job, 5 years later.
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Been there. Like you said... can't get into much trouble being at home. Maybe a blessing in disguise.. I used to treat my body like a jungle gym. Last appointment at the orthopedic's office after surgery he told me at my age my body has a tendency to break rather than bounce, but if I still chose to race motorcycles he could always use the business.
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I had never broken any major bones (a couple of fractured fingers) until I got sober.

Shortly before my one year anniversary I tripped on some broken sidewalk. I thought it was just some fluid on my knee until I went to the doctor; yes, there was fluid; that is what was keeping the patella from totally falling apart. Ah the joys of a birthday/anniversary night celebration (standing at a podium), and also flying from Houston to San Francisco, all in a full leg cast (hip to ankle).

When I was about five (5) years sober, on my way to work, in the rain, walking on solid pea gravel that was coated with gasoline, oil, and grease (someone thought it was a good surface for a driveway), I slipped; dislocated my ankle inside and out), fractured my ankle (inside and out) foot was at a right angle, but in the wrong direction, and broke my fibula. Now that was real fun; surgery, five (5) days in hospital, one week with only bandages and then a cast; all the while having to manage the stairs to my second floor apartment.

Ah, the joys of being young.............................

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I cracked my sternum playing football, man that was painful. Took me months to recoup.
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I never knew it was possible to fracture your ankle inside and out until now. Flip flops are dangerous.

I have read so many books and have watched all the movies I can find. Can't afford cable right now, so I'm down to playing my child's video games.

Jogging was part of my every day routine. Sometimes, opening the window helps to make me feel like I'm outside. The real Workout are the crutches. Those things really get the heart rate up! I have no pain unless I am forced to use them. No painkillers since I didn't want to become addicted.
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Most of my broken bones happened while drunk or high.
Not to forget the dozens of stitches.

Since you are bedridden u tube for edifying videos.
Might as well put your down time to good use.

Utube -- John Mac Arthur

A fast recovery wished for you,
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Oh, bullflop!

As long as the doctors approve, learn to use the crutches and MOVE. Get going. When I was on crutches for 14 weeks people feared me.

Crutches don't mean lay down, they mean stand up.
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And when I'm done with my crutches I will burn them.
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Several toes
Both bones in my lower right arm
Bone in my upper left arm
A finger or two

I used to ride horses

I'm so sorry you have been in so much pain and hope that your healing speeds along...!
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Sustained lots of injuries when intoxicated, never broken bones, though.

Cuts, sprained ankles, drilled myself with my cordless already, that sort of thing.
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Yep broke my wrist.
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Someone broke my nose. Still don't know who it was.
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Yep. Destroyed my knee skiing. I tore my ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Postero-lateral corner and broke my fibula. Yeah that sucked. I swore up and down that alcohol had nothing to do with it. But, if I am being honest, I know I was either hungover or mildly buzzed when this occurred. I had major knee surgery and it was god awful.
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I broke both fibulas, left clavicle and countless ribs, fingers, and toes all while drunk. Only one sober broken bone and I was 10 or 11. Go figure.. Get well soon!
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I was going to post about some minor bumps and bruises, but I can't compete with some of your posts!
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Us drunks fall down a lot.
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