I did again

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I did again


I'm sitting here at my office and feel like I'm paralyzed. My boyfriend of 6 months just broke up with me. All he said was that he's not ready....that's all he needed to say. Now I feel like someone just kicked the wind out me. I feel like crying but must work.

I feel so alone. Don't want to run to the few friends I got and burden them with this. I don't know what to do. I been living at his place for months but still have my old apartment. Haven't been there for a while. I feel like just stopping the time.

Our vacation starts next week and we had plans. What do I do know? Just go home? He was the only person I saw everyday. All my friends have families and I only see them couple of times a month. I don't feel like I'm ready to face the emptiness.

Not sure this is the right place to post this but this is all I got.

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Not sure how to do this. Just go and get my stuff after work and that's it? This talking breakup over with the person sounds alien to me. What is there to say? Obviously I deserve a lot more from a relationship and he's saying that he can't give me that. Why don't I want to talk to him? Why does going over difficult situations is alien to me?

I feel like I just lost the point in everything.

This probably sounds confusing to you all. I feel confused.

Just this morning I was talking to God and saying that I'm handing this relationship over to him and this happened. I know He works in mysterious ways but does the delivery need to be this fast?

I...I'm out of words at the moment...
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Getting blind-sided always takes me a while to reconcile also.

As for going to your apartment, do your apartment allow pets, either cats or small dogs? If you can get a cat, I suggest going to the humane society (or other shelter) and finding yourself a grown cat who is lovey and wants attention. Your apartment won't seem so empty when you come home then.

Take your time to let it soak in. Deal with things one step at a time. You'll make it. You really will.
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Damn. I know how much that must hurt. I have survived a few myself. Felt like I was going to die.

You took a chance on love. It did not work out. We hurt and we move on. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Call your friends, that's what friends are for. Stop worrying about being a burden to them. It is good to have someone you can talk to about this.

Keep posting, okay.
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Also, ditto everything Peter said. Call your friends. Call your relatives. Go to someone else's house for a bit to escape the weirdness in your own apartment.

We're here, and we're listening.
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i really feel for u chess. i get upset much sooner than after 6 months so i can only imagine what u r feeling. that sense of loss, of grief, of shattering disappointment.

i know for me i have to be gentle but also turn to my higher power for a lot of love and especially friends. i have a a lot of love to give but i also have a lot of emotional baggage and getting to my nearest meeting also brings me alot of comfort. one step at a time, we can get through. i hope u feel better soon. peace aand kindness.
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haven't heard anything from you.....just checking in to see how you are doing???
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(((((((((((chess)))))))))))))))) Hang in there and ditto what peter and Ginger said You need friends..... That is what true friends are for to listen and understand......

Love ya (((((chess)))))) Keep posting....

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