Creativity in Recovery

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Creativity in Recovery

I want to share something with anyone who wants to read. I'm an aspiring artist, and I'm really finding that creativity is playing an awesome role in my life and recovery.

-It's good for me to channel my energy and focus into a positive and productive actvity.
-It's a good way to express my feelings, or even take my mind off my problems.
-It provides an temporary "escape"..but when I return to reality I feel refreshed.
-It relaxes me, and grants me a sense of accomplishment.
-It allows me to use my mind, and test the limits of my imagination.
-It provides me with some modest extra income.
-It gives me reason to be thankful.
-It reminds me how good life really is.
-It allows me to connect to people in unique ways.

Most importantly...
-It gets me in touch with my HP..the great creator...God as I call it.

So, I'd like to encourage others who have some creative outlet to embrace it, and use it as a recovery tool. It's working for me, and I'm sure there are others like me who play guitar, paint, do sculpture, write poetry...or whatever. It's very empowering to have a creative outlet, and I feel it is really useful for my recovery.

Does anyone else have a creative outlet? How and what do you do to be creative? Do you find it is a useful part of your recovery?
peace be with you,
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Thank you for this thread Chip,
Yes, I love to do home decorating. I am constanstly looking through books or on the internet for new ideas. When a room is done, I just love to stand back and admire the new look. I'm also called upon by other people a lot for ideas with 'challenging' rooms.

I just love that creative side of me.

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Writing is my creative outlet.
And that is as important for my soul as breathing is for my body.
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I'm really getting into sculpture and wood carving. Sometimes things don't work out as they should...but other times the ideas "flow". It is a wonderful way to spend my spare time.
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I'm a painter. Residential/commercial. I put a lot of pride and creativity into my work. Clean and sober it just keeps getting better every day.
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Thanks for the link Gabe!!!
Im a songwriter and have kept away from gigs because I was not sure if I would drink or not.Sometimes after I've played people want to buy me a drink and they get offended if you say no or they think you're a snob.My home is performing but my home can also become messy too.How do recovering muso's handle the bar part?Having a drink before I went on stage was such a normal thing for me,to loosen up and other BS.I have a gig this Tuesday after not playing for ages and its going to be really hard not to drink,especially since Ive been sober for 10 days now.
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