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How Do I Go About This?

Ok well as of right now I have been taking 6-7 10mg/375mg Hydrocodone pills a day for a month a half. I have a history with alcoholism where I was in AA and maintained a little over a year of sobriety. I have been through in and out patient rehab for bipolar disorder, depression, and alcoholism. I learned a great deal in the programs but obviously not enough so here I am again with a different drug of choice. If I could admit myself to the hospital I would. Here is my situation. My mom is in the final stage of lung cancer, the tumors have spread to her brain and she is declining rapidly. My father suffered from a brain anyerism a few years ago and has permant memory/behavioral problems. I take care of them both. About two months ago we got hit with property taxes that emptied our savings. I freaked out and found an escape, my moms pain meds. I love them. They make me not worry, make me feel happy, and no one knows youre taking them. Recently I woke up. If something happens to me then no one is there to care for my parents. I am responsible for paying their bills, taking care of the house, feeding them, and managing their doctors. I know this is going to get worse and spiral out of control, that's why I'm here to deal with this now. I know the withdrawals from opiates are bad, hence why I haven't quit cold turkey. I have to be able to work and perform daily duties while quitting. I know it's not gojng to be easy or painless. Im not sure what to expect. I want to do this on my own, I feel I am capable and know if I'm not I can go to my sister for support. NA meetings being a very last resort. I literally have 0 dollars to spend. In my mind this is a battle I must over come on my own. I have to stay strong for my family and for me. I will not go to rehab or a clinic. I have thought about talking with my moms doctor(the one who prescribes the meds)? Any advice or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. I will answer any questions.
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I can't find how to edit my post, I'm sorry im new to the forums. I really want to know about the withdrawals and weaning process. How fast do I come down? Can I just quit cold turkey and be able to function ok? Home remedies to help it? I tried stopping once abd tge body aches were brutal after only a week and a half of using them. How do I know my liver is ok? Will it be ok? I have people depending on me, I already ****** up but im not going to let it get worse.
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Those nasty boogers got me too, but they changed me made me a mean anxious person. Even though I thought I felt happy. I took half of a ten four times a day for a little over a year. I'm a little over 2 weeks sober. I quit cold Turkey and went to work and took care of my kids during withdrawals. It wasn't easy but it helped a little bit in not wallowing in how horrible I felt. I physically felt better in a week. But everyone is so different. I'd say its the mental part that was the most difficult for me. Some people are able to taper off some people are not. I was not able because I would convince myself that if I did good one day then I can have a little more the next day. Dumb. I can't answer your questions about your liver.. but I can tell u that when I went to the Dr recently they tested me and everything came back fine. I wish u the best and Welcome! !
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That is actually amazing news. I thought if I quit cold turkey I was going to be unable to function. Congrats On 2 weeks and keep it up. Tomorrow I will stop cold turkey. I had a panic attack last night and was unable to think. I will post here how it goes/symptoms. Wish me luck. And thanks again for sharing your expierence.
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POH you can do this for me tapering never worked.In my opinion you should talk to the Dr. because if the painkillers are in the house you may take them. Does your mother need them all the time or is it as needed. Maybe you need help taking care of your parents I know you said there is not much money but there are people out there who can help like a social worker could help you get services from the government. Good luck keep posting it helps
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