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Strong urges this morning, almost gave in. Trigger #1= wife is out of town for a few days. Trigger #2= a busy day of yard work. A 12 pack and pack of smokes were yelling but I managed to ignore them, so far. Would hate to start over, 110 sober, 21 without a smoke. Hope all you are well.
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Nice work, celandra1. The nice weather and being outside seems to be a trigger for a lot of us. Congrats on the 110/21 combo - that is fantastic!
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Well done, celandra! You're not a slave to your AV anymore! You can acknowledge the urges and move on....knowing that you're in control and they will pass.
I hear you about the triggers, too. It seemed that everything was a trigger when I got right down to it, and that was a huge problem! I dealt with it by taking drinking off the table as an option permanently. No matter what happens in my boyfriend being a jerk, my dad being ill, starting a new job, getting a raise, New Year's Eve, etc.....none of these things can make me drink or make me want to drink because drinking is no longer an is no longer a way to deal with good news or bad news or changes or anything life might throw at me! Complete liberation from always wondering if and when "X" happens will I drink??? Freed my mind up for more important matters like moving forward and living my life!

Hope you'll keep posting celandra! And join us over on the weekenders thread in the newcomers section! It's a fun place with lots of varied conversation about just living life. Lots of laughs, music, and support!
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Way to go, celandra. I feel like every time I get through a "trigger" situation and recognize the AV, it gets easier the next time.
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