Thoughts of the day

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Thoughts of the day

Some rambling.... Hope it's ok

. I think SR. Is a great place, I hop about finding what resonates for me at different stages of my journey. I also use other sources of information from the Internet but I have no friend or relative who I can talk to the way I feel I can talk to the people here. It's like a great big collection of people who have similar thoughts/feelings/mindset that actually seem to GET me.

A bunch of people who are linked to me because of alcohol, not my drinking buddies, I don't have them, very rarely did.

I've been to a few AA meetings and couldn't work with the program, it depressed me too much! I've tried SMART and various other face-to-face organised recovery groups but never found anything I liked, never felt comfortable around all these people that I might one day meet in a shop or some such place.... OMG, the horror! The shame!

I feel safe here because of the anonymity,
I could well bump into anyone here on the boards and NEVER know it! It adds an extra dimension to the freedom aspect.

I've thought about religion and at the moment I'm still not sure about it all so I find it hard to put all my stuff on some higher power or blame others for my discomfort.

Addiction, IMHO is a mental health issue and if I don't work out how to cure my brain with my brain how can I expect anyone else to be capable?

I like reading stuff and believe knowledge is power and learning more about myself is the key to helping myself gain freedom from my messed up thoughts....

Please add your own thoughts........

Driving my wagon of hope through beautiful views on my road to myself
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Same here! There is no way I could have shared some of the things I have face to face with someone. Plus I have gotten pretty goofy from time to time and I would hate to have to explain myself. I highly doubt I would have made it this far without human support though. I don't have a "home" on here because I bounce from forum to forum. I'm not in AA but have spent some time on there and learned a few things. I'm not doing a program either but RR seems like what I did.
Exploring the religious thing was great for me. Whatever you decide on should come from you alone. At the start of this I felt like some supernatural force was leading me out. It was pretty cool. I now believe it was one of the many fantastic ways our brain operates. It is amazing to me the way we adapt. Knowledge is power! I just wish I could tap that ability when I wanted it also not just when I absolutely need it.
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Well said! SR is a great place to talk about those things that we understand but don't want to put "out there" for everyone.
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