Made my Big Plan

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Made my Big Plan

I posted this in the newcomers area as I have always posted there. I will be moving over so to speak to this area as I feel more comfortable with the line of thinking.

I made my Big Plan yesterday and wanted to share that.

I listened to advice from yesterday's post about the big plan requiring me to accept forever. The only forever there ever is is now. That's where I will spend my time enjoying life.

Yesterday was the day I made mine. The Big Plan.

I feel a sense of relief. Like the weight of the constant decisions we wrestle with when we have craving are already decided. All I have to do now is go about the other things I want to do.

Going to continue reading today. Keep gaining an understanding of things.

Day 6 .... I don't normally count days but I like the number.
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That's great.

There is a thread for AVRT in the secular connections area - they are up to part 4 right now.

That's a lot of reading to catch up on which will help frame your thoughts, if you like. See it in action.

Lots of suggestions and examples of how to spot the AV - think it well help you a bunch.

All my best...
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Hi Ken,
Nice going.
Yes, the Big Plan is a "cause" with a very real "effect".
Even now, long after making my "cause", I still like to repeat it to myself.
"I will never drink again", and feel grateful for the decades of "effects" that have taken place, all with me in my right mind.
I imagine your wording is "I will never now drink." as you like the eternity of the now.
Feel free to let us know what your AV is up to.
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Weasel made the same post on the newcomers' forum. It is the first post that I know of on that forum that makes explicit reference to a Big Plan. Can we give him some AVRT ESH there?
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Way to go Ken!
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