Saying NO to the URGE

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Originally Posted by dgillz View Post
In the states a peacock is a chicken with pretty feathers. What is a peacock down there? Do you have a pic?
Yea theyre like giant chickens with pretty feathers.....very long tail feathers. In order to navigate from my apartment to either main street I have to go down a series of stairs/narrow pathways surrounded by bush which are pretty wildlife ridden, although theres not as much now since theyve started building more apartments up the hill....its kinda driving the wildlife away...

Peacocks dont scare me as much as they used to - but they still do slightly - sometimes they run away but sometimes they just stand there and my overactive imagination tells me theyre going to charge me, and ive been known to go back inside.

Goannas do vary in size but we get a lot of the massive ones around here, as well as the smaller prettier tree dwelling ones. Many people keep other lizards inside such as blue tongues and bearded dragons, but ive never heard of anyone keeping a goanna inside as a pet.

Ill take some pics next time I bump into one....start a random wildlife thread and quit hijacking this one!
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Wild Turkeys are also nasty mean scary birds...

On topic, If I think about a drink, I remind myself its not really me who want the drink, but the dumbass, alcoholic, person I invited into my head who is in the process of being evicted.
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“I remind myself it’s not really me who want the drink, but the dumbass, alcoholic, person I invited into my head who is in the process of being evicted”.
That is a good way to look at the stupid thoughts that alcoholism brings out. If we listen to them, they can cause us to relapse. I like that- EVICT them, kick the bums out!
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