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Okay...this is really stupid.

I'm trying to figure out from what movie a scene was in.

I don't remember much, except that I'm sure it was an 80's fantasy/adventure flick.

A group of individuals in an area that looks maybe like a prairie come upon a glass wall. I can't remember if the glass was reflective...I think it was. The group had to use something (maybe a rock? IDK) to smash the glass to proceed...and what was behind the glass was a much darker place.

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I hate when that happens. Have you tried the forums over at International Movie Database? They have answered my questions 9 out of 10 times.
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Time Bandits

buncha midgets and a little boy go robbing through time using a map made by God, you see, he made everything in just 6 days so it was a bit of a botched job, Terry Gilliam film, classic, very very funny, they meet Napoleon, Robin Hood, ancient Greece etc and Satan is confined in "hell" (the dark place behind the glass) where he works evil using Game shows, TV's, microwave ovens etc.

Great cast, great movie
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Thanks, Ago.

Good thing for youtube. Terry Gilliam....who would have known...I'm going to have to get this on DVD.

I don't know why, but this movie scared me when I was little...I haven't seen it in probably over 20 years. Thanks again. was a skull...not a rock...and there's not a reflection. And it was a desert. Funny how my mind changed it...anyways...
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I (heart) midgets.
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