Doe Knob?

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Doe Knob?

Where is my favorite OCD superhero?
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Hi, Windy (and all ya'll)! I'm doing okay. Not following a 100% sobriety regiment, but not out tearin' it up either. Maybe I'm learning my limits or maybe I'm just getting old. Work is really beatin' me up too. There ain't a day goes by that I don't think "I'm too old for this sh*t!". Then again, I'm in better physical condition that I've been in in quite a while.

We're gettin' ready to head in to my mom's in Spokane. Hope everyone is having a nice turkey day.

P.S. Still OCD'n like crazy. I should have a TV show. : )
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good to see you DK

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Hey Paul! Glad you are OK.
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Great to see you Paul!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hey Doe Knob. I'm glad to see you're in good shape and employed. Whatever you're doing make sure it stays in moderation.

Sory too here your ODc is Stil botherinG u. Yoo shoold FiLm yooselF doin stuff and post It.

Take care, mang.
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Hey, DK.
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happy holidays knobman! There isn't a day that goes by where I dont think I'm too old for my job either, but man all that physical stuff helps to keep me out of trouble!
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Good to see ya DK. You sound a lot better than you have in the past. I've been off the weed for over 7 months now. Still have a drink or two from time to time, but not downing a 1/5 a night like I used to. The new job has helped me too. The money's good, but the hours are long, so I'm not too tempted to put the money to bad uses. Anyway good to see you around. Take care.
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I've missed your posts, DK!
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