Cost Benefit Analysis-SMART

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Cost Benefit Analysis-SMART

Has anyone else done the SMART Recovery Cost Benefit Analysis worksheet lately? I did my first one last nite & it was really an eye opener. I could only come up with 3 advantages of drinking, all short term, while I came up with 12 disadvantages, varying from ST, MT, continual and LT. I'm calendarizing it to redo the exercise once a month to see if it changes. I'd be interested in others experiences with this or similar exericises. Have a great sober day everyone!
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The CBA is my favourite tool. You can also apply it to any major decision you need to make and it works well. Simple and effective.

Keep well

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Have I done one lately? If I hadn't there would be a problem. I have incorporated those worksheets into my life and use them very frequently for all sorts of decisions.
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What ultimately got me to quit alcohol and pot was a cost-benefit-analysis in my head, before I ever knew of SMART's exercise. It didn't take long to see the disadvantages incredibly outweighed the benefits, of both substances. I did the exercise a couple weeks ago when I was getting cravings and that logic, seeing how illogical it would be to pick up drinking again set me right back on m path of sobriety. I've been getting to know SMART better and so far I really like some of their ideas.
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I recently completed the exercise and it helped me tremendously. Its still on the first page of this forum if you are interested.

Its just such a great tool. I've seen many people benefit from the CBA and it mattered not if they worked a SMART recovery, a 12-step program, a program which incorporates various recovery methods or sought recovery with little aid from outside entities. I'd imagine it would work well for anyone considering whether or not any particular behavior is problematic or not.
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Uh huh

It works for me.

Keep well

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I do CBA's along with using other treatment tools that help me make the deep psychical changes that keep me on task with continual sobriety.

I have come to understand that no one treatment modality works for everybody. I think the best treatment results when a person is matched with one of the various treatment modalities that is used today.
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A method that may work for some may not work for others. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you find something that works for you, that is all that really matters.

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