Alcohol Facts

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Alcohol Facts

ASREC : Alcohol Facts to Share With Others
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In English, please.....

Just kidding. I only skimmed it, but I did bookmark it. LOTS of good stuff in there. Thanks!
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ty doorknob

lots of good info there thamk you
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While that was interesting....I'm not so sure I'd consider what
I read...maybe 30 bullets .... as facts.

Lot's of perhaps...could be...maybe and the latest was from 05.

Thier conclusion about Malt Liquor was news to me.

Also the info on powder packets of alcohol ...tho
according to the bullet it was being sold in the U.S.
during the time I was a drinker.

My experiences with designated drivers is totally different
than they have as a fact.

However...the note about 1 in 3 alcohol dependent people
and 12 Step programs was good to see...

Didn't I see this in our Alcoholism Forum ...DK?'s interesting IMO
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Carol, sadly the Center for Disease Control also agrees with that webpage.
Research Update: Effectiveness of Designated Driver Promotion Programs to Reduce Alcohol-Impaired riving is Unknown- NCIPC
What are Designated Drivers?
The varying definition of a “designated driver” is among the challenges facing researchers who study the effectiveness of designated driver programs. The most common definition requires that the designated driver abstain from alcohol, be assigned before anyone in the group starts drinking, and drive group members to their homes at the end of the event or gathering. Another definition is based on the concept of risk- or harm-reduction. Under this definition, the designated driver needs only to maintain a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit that is under the legal limit. In practice, many people may apply the designated driver concept in ways that are unsafe (e.g., by choosing the person in the group who is least drunk to be the designated driver).
The study on the Malt beer drinkers is also interesting:
Characteristics of malt liquor beer drinkers in a ...[Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2005] - PubMed Result

BACKGROUND: The authors describe and compare drinking patterns among malt liquor beer (MLB), regular beer (RB), and hard liquor (HL) drinkers in a low-income, racial/ethnic minority community.....The odds of preferring HL as compared with MLB were significantly increased for persons with white-collar occupations and those who drank in public settings and were reduced for persons who drank outdoors and those who combined drinking and smoking.CONCLUSION: The authors observed substantial differences in sociodemographic characteristics, drinking patterns, and ethanol consumption by beverage type in this community sample. MLB drinkers seem to have distinctive drinking patterns that require additional study to determine whether this pattern is associated with increased individual or community risk.
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