O'Reilly to Interview Richard Dawkins

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Originally Posted by marius404 View Post
The interview was short.
So short as to be meaningless. Ridiculous really. Heh, on R.D.'s website, there was an entire topic devoted to it as well as advertising of its coming, for weeks, LOL!!

Still, it was very good for me--I had never HEARD of Dawkins until stumbling onto here and weighing in quite at length in the God Delusion thread.

I must say I was very impressed during that short interview--with myself! Dawkins answered with pages from my own book. Check it --->

In reply to the old statement, "Well, you can't prove to me my God doesn't exist," he said, "We don't have to prove anything. The onus is on you."

When O'Reilly sez, "It takes more faith not to believe," R.D. is on it quickly and easily, explaining just as I did that science and the exploding field of theoretical physics accounts for far more than religion ever will. He said--direct quote, "Science is evermore piling on the understanding."

O'Reilly also makes some rank-amateur's mistakes, the one of course asking Dawkins to prove a negative; the other, citing Hitler as an athiest, which by now is just sheer ignorance.

I felt extremely... "schooled" watching that! Even though I'm not! I just know what I know from participating on here, and for that I really have members like marius, andshewas, doorknob and others to thank sincerely.

I know our discussion has been very brief--and I will endeavor to follow Morning Glory's requests from here out not to mock others' beliefs, but trust me you guys, it has been wonderfully enlightening while it lasted. Our discussion has prompted me to read up on things, intro'ing me to Sam Harris & Dawkins, and of course spawning the important lengthy "treatise" on organized religion that I shared.

I spent days on the those writings--this is why I call it "important." Though the subject be an old one, it was quite fresh to me to be exploring it in-depth for the first time. I have learned that debating religion is *amazingly* easy stuff. lol My mind can just incise and slice easily through so much. I can't even believe it's such a popular topic out there! There's scarcely anything to debate, really, as all falls under the weight of reason. ("Faith and reason," said Ten, "are forever irreconcilable.")

Didn't know he was an English chap! Very well-spoken, though O'Reilly too was very fair in this one.

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I will endeavor to follow Morning Glory's requests from here out not to mock others' beliefs
("Faith and reason," said Ten, "are forever irreconcilable.")
That was short-lived don't you think?
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What I don't understand is what this thread or the O'Reilley/Dawkins interview has to do with getting/staying sober.

Is Dawkins an alkie? Or has he said one way or another?
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Like Teach's thread, it has to do with the acceptance of secular belief by the mainstream, and thus the acceptance and availability of secular treatment and peer support in the future.
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