Monster Craving

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Notice the way this thread stopped dead, right there?

POint of information, Priapus is traditionally considered a lower power.

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Is he a lower power? He just makes me laugh with his wheelbarrow. What about Dionysus? The thread might have stopped there.
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Well now, you might be on to something here. I dont know my greek as well as I once did, but since your going down the track (Dionysus, you crack me up!) I always liked Pan! (Pan Pan he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!)Ever hear that song buy Cake, sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell?
heck..why not really have fun and bring on Hades or Chaos? Maybe a little Artimis...mix it up a little! Just leave Zeus out of it, he's got a big enough ego lol

wow...I am so totally sober ... just a goof ball I guess. Well..funny to you or not, I had a blast writing it
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This is a hilarious thread. What a violent, nasty lot the Greek gods were, though sort of lovable too. When I was a kid and read the stories (in childrens' book English - I never learned Greek, unlike you scholarly mob), Hera used to scare me sh**less. Tough woman, she was.

Jane - I never got as elaborate as you in my drunken self-love - just used all the same email address. Lack of imagination, I guess.
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After kicking for the last time I never had monster cravings. I was so sick and to the point of death there toward the end. Sure I've had fleeting thoughts about doping but nothing I can call a craving. I was so glad it was over. I hope you can get past the craving. Doping ain't worth it.
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Hi Brandi and All

This is for you: "Pan, Pan, He's Our Man, He's so cool, I'm his Fan". Rar, rar pom pom stuff. Never heard a song by Cake - always happily eaten though.

Artemis - love her! Zeus, Dude what's your problem? He's dead already. Sheesh.

Windy - I envy you (kind of) getting to the bottom. I just skim along the surface of not good and I terrify myself knowing I could get there if I "tried".

Best wishes
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I'm thinking I could perhaps convert HP (for me) to Sisyphus who has an unending task. Sisyphus is kind of depressing though as he never reaches the top of the hill.
Yea, he never makes it. But, that's not the point of the story, Jane.
It's not the destination--it's the journey.
Sisyphus never gives up! He accepts his lot in life and continues on.
Not so depressing, then, in my mind.
Persistence, stamina, courage in the face of adversity. Not bad traits to live by, huh?

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