Walked out of an AA meeting tonight

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Glad you're here on SR, Awake61. There's such a wealth and diversity of information to guide folks towards sobriety! AA isn't the only way.
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Originally Posted by awuh1 View Post
OMG GerandTwine! Do you really believe the people "must proselytize for AA"? That "radio, press, and film cannot divulge that you are an AA member"? and that "Stockholm Syndrome" has the slightest thing to do with AA?!?! LOL WOW Your misunderstanding of AA (like your misunderstanding of U.S. news organizations) is amazing .
It might help your understanding to watch the dissertation defense of Peter Eng's doctoral thesis. Here's the link.
It would be great to hear your opinion about this, too.
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A reminder that our forums are for the discussion of recovery related topics and support - not personal arguments/attacks. If you must do so, please take it offline to PM or elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by Tatsy View Post
Hi Ken33xx, thank you for clarifying the US system. I hadn't realised AA attendance was voluntary, after a DUI, with an eye on securing a lesser sentence.

From what I read on SR, the US Courts mandated DUIs to attend AA and in compliance , to have court slips signed, as evidence of such compliance with the mandate (compulsory court order).
Both are true.

Sentencing is at the discretion of a judge (within certain guidelines). So some attend AA in hope that it will influence a judge to issue a lighter sentence. And sometimes a judge does mandate AA attendance as part of a sentencing deal.
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it is my understanding that judges are not allowed anymore to mandate AA attendance; they can only mandate recovery meeting attendance.

i could be wrong, of course.
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I Google'd it and came up with this article from February of this year which says judges can order AA attendance in Maryland: Maryland Court of Appeals: Defendants can't be held in jail because they can't afford bail - Baltimore Sun
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