Opiate and smile free

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Opiate and smile free

Hey everyone,

been awhile.. but Iím back and finally done. Been a few days.. finally have clean time where I know this is what I want. Iím exercising and eating right..but Iím still not smiling.. after close to a decade of abusing tramadol and norcos.. I can only wonder how long until my body actually feels happiness and I smile. Sometimes I wonder if I have changed my brains chemistry so much that itíll never be the same or something that produces any real happiness.. silly/depressing thought I guess.

I donít find the happiness in hobbies like I used to.. Iíve tried so many things thinking perhaps Iíll try others and like them.. I donít smile as often.. how long until I do? I keep telling myself what you all have told me: be patient, it will take time.. how much more time? A month? Year? Years? I just want to go through the day like normal sober people do - not wake up and get high so I can handle life. Going through life high all the time isnít living.. itís just surviving..until the next high..

thanks for any thoughts.
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Hi Jimmy - hey congrats on your clean time

I have no experience with tramadol or norcos but I know if you've been using a long time that its going to take more than a few days to get your smile back and feel joy again - but you will

You're on the right road, man.
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