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heroin addict. Been to detox 3 times and always sick within 24 hours at most. Been banging 3 grams daily and recently wasnít able to get high banging half grams at a time. Went to get subutex script and took last shot over 30 hours ago. Iím not sick. Have taken nothing. Beginning to wonder if I was given bad dope. Or if I was using so much that it will take longer to get out of my system. Anyone experience this. Iím waiting to get sick and confused as hell.
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Sorry to see that your post got missed here, Jessie. Maybe say hello in the newcomer's introduction area which is more active.
How are you doing with now?
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Withdrawal is an individual process. Some people I guess you could say are like clockwork and start getting sick within the first 24 hours or less, and others might be able to go 24hrs or more before the withdrawals really start kicking in.

You just got to let the process work itself.

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Sometimes waiting is the worst part because you're anticipating. If you get sick I hope it's manageable xx
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