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Red face

17 years and its time to let go.

Hello all!

I used this site to help get of methadone and without it I would have never made it. Im about 9 months sober from methadone. I even had a surgery and used my pills as I was supposed to. I didnt even finish them!

But to the point I am quiting smoking on the first of november. I thought this maybe a good place to turn for some support.

I have four kids. I am a type one diabetic and have been smoking as long as I have had diabetes. I have used every drug you can name hevily. How im still fully healthy with diabtes is a medical mystery.

I need to quit. I have to quit. I know my body and its saying quit or suffer the qonsicunces. I feel like if I kicked dones on my own that the smokes should be easy but I know that that is not true. I used opiods to get high. I use smokes to deal with life.

Please all give me your support, stories, things that helped you. Just motivate me to stay strong with your stories (and it gives me something to distract my self and stay strong)

You all truely helped me kick a drug that was extreamly physicaly addictive so please help me with this final hurdle in my life long fight with addiction!

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Check out Whyquit.org.
Tons of incredible stories and help.
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Hey MichaelJames,

Lot of similarities in our situation. I'm a type one diabetic (also asthmatic). I started smoking again last month after a long time off. I have two young kids who need me around, so I know I must quit.

Interestingly, my first and middle names are Michael James as well. Anyway, I keep saying each cigarette is my last, but an hour or so later, I want another one. My wife is supportive, but doesn't mind that I'm smoking again.

I'm going to set my quit date for November 1 as well. In the meantime I'm going to try to cut down each day. 10 today...8 tomorrow...Good luck and hope to see you post again soon.

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Hi MichaelJames. I'm just over 7 months tobacco free. It was really hard to quit, but not impossible. Use all the principles you used to quit the other drugs like waiting out the cravings, examining why you want to smoke, etc. as they will help. I found a quit smoking program on the Canadian Cancer Society's website to be quite helpful for me. Not sure if it will work for you, but anything is worth a try, right? Here's the link in case you are interested:

I read the PDF located in the Helpful Resources part of the site:

I used tapering to quit as I felt that the patch/gum/lozenges were just postponing the inevitable that I had to give up nicotine. I kept a journal of every cigarette I had, reasons why I smoked it, and the time I smoked it. From there I realized I smoked about 12 sticks a day, so I evenly spaced them out on the first couple of days - I had one every hour whether I wanted it or not. Then I moved it out to 90 minutes after four days, and so on until my official quit date. I found it helped with breaking both the chemical and psychological parts of the addiction.

I still get cravings from time to time - I don't think that will ever go away. But I am diligent in my efforts to stay smoke free.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted, and good luck with the quit!
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Thank you all! had some things happen that made my quit date seem like a bad time. Still going to try to get off them. Its a step in the right direction.
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