Been a while

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Been a while

I don't come around much but felt the pull this week. Good to see some old names I recognize. Hope everyone who I interacted with, found support from and perhaps lent some support to throughout the years on this site is doing ok.

I'm somewhere in the middle of my 5th year of sobriety - all thanks to SR. It's a wonderful, free and more meaningful, more vibrant, more calm, deeper, sweeter, steadier and peaceful life on this side of sobriety - even with all the inevitable pain and suffering that comes all our way.

It's a life waiting for all of us who are still out there. Thank you again and always SR.
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Hi lessgravity good to see you...and congrats on 5+ years

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Hi Les, always good to see you. . Glad you stopped by.

Congrats on over five years sober!!
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Good to hear from you LG - glad things are more or less well for you

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Thanks for checking in and providing the example of what life can be if one embraces sobriety. We all know life has ups and downs but itís much better sober than not. Congratulations on 5+ years.
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Thats funny Less, as I also felt the pull to do a check in yesterday.
I more and more find myself wondering why I cant solve my other big life challenge in the same way i could quit drinking.
I am a self destructive procrastinator in ways that boggle the mind. I "know" its at least in part due to ADHD which was only diagnosed in my 50s, but even so, there are coping mechanisms that I just cannot seem to follow although I am medicated.
Weird right, stop drinking, check, do my stuff, not so much ...
Love you man.
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Fantastic job, LG - appreciate the visit and thoughtful words.
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Originally Posted by lessgravity View Post
.........more meaningful, more vibrant, more calm, deeper, sweeter, steadier and peaceful.......
So great to hear from you LG. All of these things and more. Your journey to this place has always been a huge inspiration to me, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you here. Thanks for checking in, and best of luck to you and your family.
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congratulations! I don't post much these days either but I do lurk from time to time. I'll be clicking year number 6 in February, I remember your struggles from when I was first sobering up. I need to make a post here soon, I've changed most everything in my life over the last couple years and things are really starting to come together.
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Congratulations!!!!! Awesome to see you!
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Congratulation LG.

Good to see you again.

Particularly with such good news.
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Thanks for sharing LG. Congratulations on your sober time that's quite the accomplishment in my eyes.
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I'm so happy you're in your 5th year, LG. Knew you could.
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I relate strongly to you. Only us addicts in recovery can appreciate the before and after. (((Sobriety))) is liberating.

One day, one hour, one minute, one moment at a time.

I still suffer daily.
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Happy 5th Birthday !!

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It's good to see you here again, @lessgravity.
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Love you Less! Always a comfort and connection to reading your words!
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Sounds like a good life, less 👍
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