Been a few months

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Been a few months

Hello, so like the title suggests it's been a while since I was on here. Long story short, did not stop drinking, infact it got worse but not the worst I've been. Had a massive massive breakthrough end of last week, went to a wedding on sat where I did drink alot and honestly was the best wedding I had ever been to but that was it. Now I'm at the end of day 5, around day 3 my husband and I came down with covid so honestly I wasn't sure if it was withdrawal or the illness but now I'm feeling good, went for a walk outside today and I felt my mind was not dehydrated. Last time I hit day 5 was in June and before that was something like 8 years before. I have been freed from that drinking chain and I am at peace. I can still feel the 'Pavlov's dogs' salivating trigger when I think about the store I use to by my wine at but at present that is the only thing. Husband is a crabby sick person but that didn't trigger me which was good. My present plan is to avoid those stores like the plague! Then I will amend the plan as things present themselves. Feels good to go to day 6, strange to think it has been 8+ years since I woke up free of dehydrating poison for 6 days straight. Welp, that's where I am, reading through the other posts I'm seeing several people celebrate their milestones, if you are reading this congratulations! You are an inspiration and thank you for sharing your story!
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I'm glad you made it back Orchid - congrats on day 6

yeah do think ahead to things that have bought you undone before- you can make a plan and stay sober

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It's so good to see you, Orchid. I'm happy you're on Day 6.
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Welcome back, Orchid. I too derailed but never again. We need to do this now. Congrats on another sober day
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Hi Orchid! Glad you're here!
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Orchid! Welcome back and congrats on 6 days. As you allow your body and mind to continue to heal with each day, the stronger you will be and the fuller your bloom.

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Welcome back Orchid and congratulations on 6 days
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Welcome back, Orchid. Well done on Day 6.

Please stay close to us and stay vigilant; alcoholism is an insidiously tenacious, tricky and sneaky thing.

The best of sobriety awaits you; donít miss out in it.

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Welcome back, Orchid! Good job on Day 6.
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