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Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'm struggling terribly with alcohol...
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Hi, Elizabeth!

So glad that you found us! I am well familiar with the struggle.

You are not alone.

You are a precious, lovely, bright spirit who has been (understandably, for scientific reasons) convinced by alcohol that you are not enough without that chemical in your system. Before I began recovery, I was sure that I could NEVER be enough, even WITH chemicals in my system. Itís a bleak spot.

But you can escape. You can shine! It is initially uncomfortable, but WORTHWHILE.

I highly recommend reading Alcohol Explained (1 and 2) by William Porter. It truly helped me understand the scientific explanations for addiction. Helped me let go of some guilt and gave me good tools for healing.

Read here! Post often! I love AA, if thatís something youíre interested in! You do NOT have to drink.

Breathe deep. You can do it!

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Welcome, Elizabeth.

A beautiful sober life can be yours.

Looking forward to your posts and sharing your sober journey.
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Welcome to SR Elizabeth, I struggled with alcohol too.
I learnt that my life was much better when I stopped drinking.
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Hi Elizabeth
Welcome on SR!
You are at the right place to find help on getting free.
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Welcome Elizabeth!

You will find lots of support here. Try to come up with a plan to help you stop drinking and then to remain sober.
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Welcome Elizabeth, please continue to read and post here. It really helps and you will find lots of support.

It is absolutely possible to break free of the addiction.
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Iím just starting my journey without alcohol. We can both do it 👍
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If you're struggling with alcohol, SR is a good place to be.

Welcome Elizabeth.
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Welcome to the family Elizabeth! . You'll find lots of support here.
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Greetings and welcome to SR Elizabeth
We SR member are here to help you achieve lasting sobriety.
Just let us know where we can help you
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Stick around and see if we can help
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Hello Elizabeth and welcome to SoberRecovery
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Welcome Elizabeth - we're a good bunch'll find a ton of support and good ideas.
Hope to see you around some more

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Great to meet you, Elzabeth. I was struggling too when I came here. I didn't know what to expect, but I felt so relieved when I could talk things over with people who really understood. My family & friends had no idea what I was going through.

I hope you'll stay with us - this is the best place for encouragement.
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Welcome Elizabeth .
Lots of resources and support at SR.
Sending prayers.
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You sweet wonderful person, welcome! We are here for you! Huge congrats on this big first step.
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Welcome 🤗

This is a great place to be! I hope you are having a better day today.
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Welcome Elizabeth!

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