When do I stop counting days?

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I know a lot of folks who believe that acknowledging their day count is a vital part of their process.

It does make sense that paying heed daily to how many days of sobriety we have is a ritual of sorts that can really help us remain committed to our best lives.

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I could not stop counting them. I wanted to forget I was quitting. I wanted the obsession for alcohol to end whether it was about drinking or quitting. This lasted a long long time because I was trying to not feel that feeling (does it ring a bell?). Until I gave up and accepted I just knew how many days. Then, somewhere after day 200 I lost the count. I can check it on my app too, but it is done.

I still remember every day (it is now over 18 months) that I am sober. I check in here often (less since we need to login, don't know why) and I use this memory as a blessing, something to be grateful for everyday.
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I quit counting a long time ago.

Everyday I start fresh and count to 1 at the end of the day.

The next day, I reset to zero and start over again. That's my "one day at a time" focus.

(I know that I've used that strategy well over 4,000 days in a row now).
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I sill count

I have a calendar and still mark each day. I was on day 940 yesterday. I found it helps me. For the longest time I would go 5 or 6 days and relapse. 30 days was a huge milestone. Good luck in your recovery.
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