Might have to re-join you folks shortly

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Moderation has advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, moderation is a great if you don't want to quit. On the downside, moderation doesn't work.

Moderation = drinking.
Drinking ≠ recovery.
Therefore, moderation ≠ recovery.
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Hope you can stop now and forget about 'moderation', whatever the hell that is.....

Don't go too far down the rabbit hole, but you may have no choice in how this progresses if you wish to continue drinking, we're here for you NOW!
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When are you quitting Tetrax?
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I hope you get back to recovery soon. Only bad things will happen when you drink. Don't wait too long.
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I hope you join us in recovery again soon, Tetrax.
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If it was as simple as deciding to moderate, none of us would be here now. We're binary people: it's either all the way off or all the way on.
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Hi Tetrax,

I was thinking of you just the other day and hoping you were doing OK. Good that you're back here - we're with you all the way on your road back to sobriety.

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Hi Tetrax,

It is great to see you back and posting! I learned the hard way about moderation too, being sober is just much easier than the madness that accompanies moderation!

Donít wait any longer, come back now!
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Good to see you, Tet. Glad you came back.

I of course echo what everyone else is saying - stop again now before things get really bad. You overcame so much to get sober, and it meant something. Youíre not the same person you were before you quit. How can we help you bolster your sobriety plan?

Keep posting, tho, even if youíre still drinking. I finally finished Bojack, by the way. Cried a lot and felt it was an excellent end to the series.

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Hey Tetrax, I was bummed to read this. I’m sure you know that if moderation was a success for you, you wouldn’t be posting. So I hope you make it back and without too much damage done. If you come back, this experience can be valuable not just for you but for other people who might find themselves at the same fork in the road. All the best.
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I've often come on here to check on you Tetrax. We stopped at the same time before and I'm also back on the train.

Lets make the last few months of 2020 the best we can. Join us.
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