The good and the bad

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The good and the bad

So thought we could do a bit of sharing the good and the bad. I donít post a lot but do read a lot of them and they make me think about my past and present self.

name a good and a bad thing about your self or your life during your drinking time and during sobriety. Doesnít have to be too personal. Just something to think about for today.

Mine are:
good during drinking: I lost a load of weight
bad during drinking: I lost a lot of weight as I was drinking my calories and was malnourished.

good during sobriety: I have plenty of people I love who actually want to be around me and my life is constantly moving forward
bad during sobriety: My constant food cravings and spending way too much money copying online recipes that never turn out as good as they look in the pictures! Also, I force feed said recipes to the ones I love...
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Drinking - Good. I am struggling to think of any, but at a push I think I enjoyed music

Bad. Spilled numerous drinks on my laptop and also disturbed everyone around with my awful singing!

Sobriety - Good.I take far better care of my body, skin, mind, health.
Bad. I spend too much money on books, clothes, skincare (but I'm not drinking of smoking, so what the hell really!)
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I find these threads tough because there's not much good I remember from drinking, but there were undeniably good times with mates.

The bad was everything else apart from those few good memories.

Sobriety - honestly everything is good - and nothing bad in the sense that drinking was ever better.

It wasn't

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The "good" times occurred only in the very early days of my drinking. Life of the party bs. After that, it was a down hill run. Until now.
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Good: Nothing

Bad: Everything
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Initially I was having difficulty with this topic because there was nothing good about my drinking; but then I remembered not to take myself too seriously, so...

My drinking:
the good: it was good for the economy due to increased consumer spending
the bad: my finances were negatively impacted by my increased consumer spending

My sobriety:
the good: my finances were positively impacted by my decreased consumer spening
the bad: the alcoholic beverage sector of the economy took a huge hit due to decreased consumer spending

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