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Originally Posted by prettiekittie View Post

The stalking moved online, so the dude is posting an assload of stuff about me constantly on social mediaóoffering to give me expensive gifts, pleading for me to stop being so cruel by ignoring him, etc. Itís humiliating. We had a lot of acquaintances who havenít blocked him on social media. Oh well. I canít control what he does or what anyone thinks about it. It was a fight to have him expelled from the institution we were both mutually a part of because it took ages for folks to take it seriously. I donít think Iím in physical danger but the psychological impact has been massive.
Wow. That's crazy. There are some nutty people out there and social media gives them a way to express themselves. That's what has kept me from going on facebook.

Not sure what the correct term would be, but a good friend of mine had someone going on the website of the place he works anonymously and posting a lot of false information about him for no reason except to damage his reputation.
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So sorry your going through that kittie. Stalking should always be taken seriously. The internet makes this stuff so easy for stalkers too! I have had some weirdos contact me but never anything that crazy. Hang in there.
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