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I'm off Opiates (3yrs) stopped drinking (10 plus with a social beer night rarely) but its pot first thing AM until I go to sleep. Was ok for hip replacement surgery, as I skipped the opiates almost completely, but now its all day and I do nothing I want to. Now I have to stop pot but I fear what addiction I might take up next.
1 more kick? Always one more kick

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Hi and welcome GratefulNY

For years I didn't think I could live without some kind of addiction crutch.

The problem, as I see it now, was I was trying to fill the void within me with stuff - be it drugs booze, food, shopping - but nothing worked - my void was unfillable.

Once I started working on not filling, but healing that void tho - everything changed.

I don't believe it's ever too late to start working on that

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Originally Posted by GratefulNY View Post
...Always one more kick
Tell me about it. It's like trying to get rid of a tree by picking leaves off, instead of just uprooting it once and for all.
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I'm glad you're ready to give up marijuana.

Recovery from addiction involves a lot more than just stopping drinking/drugging, etc. I needed to deal with the underlying issues in my life that had led me to addiction. Maybe you could take some time to look at yourself and try to figure out what is causing the void in your life that addiction is filling.
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All addictions are caused/driven by one underlying emotion: intolerable, overwhelming, helplessness. When one feels helpless, they feel trapped, powerless and out of control. Addictive behaviors are attempts to regain control of how we feel! The antidote is too understand the themes or circumstances in life that make on feel helpless and trapped. Instead of escaping the trap with booze, replace your corrupt behavior with some other high value behavior that helps you regain control. Anxiety is natural. Calm is learned. If you didnít learn yesterday, you can learn today.

Itís not easy, of course. Once your natural alarm system is triggered, itís hard to find the off switch.

Indeed, you donít have an off switch until you build one.

Prayerful Mindfullness can show you how. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Grow close to God and God will grow close to you! James 4:8
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If you've kicked booze and opiates, kicking pot should be a walk in the park. I smoked daily for years and just quit one day with no problem whatsoever.
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They call it the spiritual malady in AA. Recovery is about alleviating that and then the thought of using mind altering chemicals seems so far removed from what youíd wish to do in my experience.
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GratefulNY, I hear you. Similar patterns to you; opiates, much later alcohol, now I work all the time. It is a work in progress.

Welcome to SR.
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I would focus on getting free of pot and not worry about what could come next.

There's nothing quite like having a clear head.

All the hype about legalized pot, CBD oils, etc. notwithstanding, smoking pot isn't too good for trying to get a clear head.

I wake up with a clear mind every morning.
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