I just have to tell someone my Dr is....

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I just have to tell someone my Dr is....

An Alcoholic! OMG...I'm so freaking shocked.....She looks like the "shiny clean faced girl out of college?..although she is probably in her 40's.

She is not someone you would EVER think is an alcoholic! OMG...I'm just in so much shock...for some reason I decided to tell her that I drank and only had 9 days without a drink (cause my blood pressure was high).

And I was talking nervously so I don't know what I said...but all of a sudden she said Me TOO.

I said HUGH? YOU? Really? WOW....and I said I am so, so sorry.....

I also feel blessed there is nothing better in my eyes than having a Dr. who REALLY understands what you are going thru.

And who I don't have to keep secrets from.

Now I know how my "work" felt when I told my boss years and years ago I was an alcoholic..he did NOT believe me...I was the hardest worker ever...the best at everything...showed up and performed....he never imagined....15 years later....I realize exactly how he felt when I told him.

Anyone shock you that they were alcoholic? Its just so refreshing when someone you never thought....someone you respect and look up too....says they have the same thing....WOW.
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I've not been shocked like that but I'm glad your Dr has found recovery and that they have that understanding of our condition Missy

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I wonder how hard it was for her to admit that to you, her patient? That's a huge confidence she's shared with you - whatever you said must have hit a nerve. I wonder if she's in recovery?
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Interesting. I have heard others say they are shocked by how some people look so put together in AA they can't believe it when they learn of the wild and dangerous things they have done.
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Race.religion.educational poor.beautiful.ugky alcoholism is one of the few things in life that doesnt discriminate.i would actually feel honored if my doctor opened up to me about something so personal and i think it makes her be able to relate to you more
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Nope. Not shocked at all. I'm thrilled that your doc truly gets it- I have a couple in my team of drs who have lost someone to or have someone close in recovery, but- to my knowledge!- not the dr him/herself.

And, I grew up in a privileged, private school world of debutantes and country clubs....and I can tell you I knew plenty, including my mom. Veneer and education and money and professions...there are no discriminating factors.

Truthfully, remembering that I'm the same as the tatted up ex con next to me at a meeting- or the struggling single mom who works at the grocery store- or the teenage who quit drinking at 17 bc she already knew it was a poblem...that's the part I learned about.
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Anyone shock you that they were alcoholic?
an practicing alcoholic or one in recovery???
either way, i dont think i ever have been shocked to learn someone was. ive met a doctor,lawyer,surgeon, prosecuting attorney, carpenter, psychologist,business owner, sheriff.....pretty much every recovery.

alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer. it doesnt care who a person is or what they do.
look up "famous people in recovery."

i strongly encourage you to keep that confidential locally.
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You are so very lucky to have an understanding and knowledgeable doctor to help you with your recovery.
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Thatís great, a good doctor is an honest doctor. They treat the patients as humans because they are humans too.
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