Day 8 Feel Horrible HELP!

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Day 8 Feel Horrible HELP!

It's Day 8 for me, and I really still don't feel well. I expected to feel better as each day passes, but that hasn't been the case. I had a seizure at 70 hours after my last drink, so on Day 3. Oddly enough, I had not experienced any severe withdrawal symptoms prior to the seizure. Luckily, all of my bloodwork, including electrolytes, liver enzymes, etc. were normal. In any event, I am wondering why I am not feeling better. Possible anxiety as a result of the seizure? Brain boggle from the seizure? I don't know. I just feel "off" and am in constant terror of another seizure. I read somewhere (and now I can't find it) that if more than one seizure were to happen, then they would have happened close together. I hope this is the case. I am wondering how long this feeling of dread, being "off," and just overall not well going to last. I am taking a multivitamin, folic acid, magnesium, super B complex, biotin, and a probiotic in hopes of feeling better.

How long has withdrawal lasted for all of you????
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Did you go to the ER when you had the seizure? Have you talked to a doctor about this and what you can do to prevent another seizure during your withdrawal?

Withdrawing from alcohol is unpredictable. And anxiety is very common in early recovery. I hope you start to feel better soon.
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I just read your old posts and see you mentioned Ativan.

I was fine on Ativan for anxiety tor 5 months. My script ran out and within the week I relapsed on alcohol.

I also had a seizure.

If you have been using both and/or the ativan for a long period and stopped, you will have a seizure.

Not sure of your circumstances but you should see your doctor.

Ive been off ativan and alcohol for just over two weeks and declined a new rx for benzos.

No more garbage for me. Period.
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Gottalife (04-14-2019)
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I'm on day 8 too and everything aches, even my eyeballs ache. I'm just trying to be kind to myself. I've put my body through so much it's only fair it needs time to heal.
I really hope you're feeling better soon.
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I did go to the ER after the seizure as I had 40 minutes of unaccounted for time. They believe it was a seizure rather than mere loss of consciousness because of the condition of my mouth. It looked like I had clamped down pretty hard. I still have blisters 5 days later. I have since seen a neurologist, am on a 24-hour/30-day cardiac event monitor, and am scheduled for 3 MRIs and an EEG.

As for the Ativan, I was not on a daily Ativan regimen. It was as needed for panic attacks. I truly want to be on a regimen now though because I can never trust a panic attack again! The seizure began as an overwhelming feeling like I was going to pass out out of the blue, which is what my panic attacks usually manifest themselves as. These rushes kept coming stronger and stronger for about 2 minutes until I actually did pass out, or more accurately, start to seize and lost consciousness.

I fear that my continual detox and relapse history over the past 6 months has left me victim of Kindling.
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Gottalife (04-14-2019)
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Glad you're being thorough with getting checked out.

I have PTSD with horrible panic and anxiety.

All I can say is talk it over with your doctor and the two of you can draw up a treatment plan.

For myself, Im not getting on that merry go round again.

Im exploring all other options.

Take care of yourself and rest until you get your tests.

If youre anxious about having another siezure just make sure you keep your phone charged and near you

But the best thing you can do is relax.
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Hi BabyBlue

I fear that my continual detox and relapse history over the past 6 months has left me victim of Kindling.
I think it's important to acknowledge that kindling comes from repeated alcohol abuse - our withdrawals get worse and worse.

The way to avoid kindling in future ir kindling getting worse and worse is, naturally, to stop drinking

No one here can really say if you'll suffer a seizure again or not - I hope not

I really encourage you to see someone about it if it's concerning you - a second opinion never hurts

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Iím on day 6. Still feeling horrible. No seizures though. I have organ pain and are taking Panadol. Just tell your self it will get better with time. IMO you are out of the danger zone for seizures from withdrawing. I had a seizure once from being drugged not by choice. See your doctor again if you donít feel better. Hope this helps.
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dreamsneverend (04-15-2019)
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I think of alcoholism as a three fold illness, spiritual, mental and physical. I was physically badly damaged with malnutrition. My stomach was wrecked, and it took a few weeks to be able to feel ok in that sense. Mentally I was even worse, lost the power to think, I often say my IQ was down around my shoe size. Tiny problems became major, simple decisions like what socks to wear were very difficult to make. That took much longer. I improved over time, and was soon able to hold down quite a good job, but I was still miles behind the eight ball when it came to emotional sobriety.

The spiritual element was another factor. I was very sick in that department. It manifested whenever I was sober in feelings of fear, dread, resentment and unhappiness. Being sober was more miserable than drinking as far as I could see.

Strangely enough, aside from a little support which did not include medication, from my doctor, I got busy in AA and treated the spiritual element first.

As I made progress in that area, I came right pyhsically and mentally over time. The important thing was that I learned how to live in a way that didn't set me up to drink, and that bought me the time to recover physically and mentally.
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Thanks all for your comments. I finally feel better today (Day 12). Keeping up with my IOP and AA mtgs . One day at a time!
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