Thinking About AA Meetings

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Thinking About AA Meetings

So, I haven't been to an AA meeting in a couple years, not since I was living in a shelter and really dealing with a lot of personal issues. The meetings were a great comfort to me, and since then I have been following the path of recovery much of the time.

I went home to my parents where I lived for six months while continuing my therapy for my mental health, but AA meetings where they live are once a week, and I just didn't go. Now I live on my own, thanks to help from a local agency in finding me housing (HUD) that was designated for persons with mental and substance abuse issues.. When I went back to being by myself I started to drink again, surprise. And like many of us, or all of us eventually, I was just feeding a beast and not enjoying myself. I wasn't drinking to the level I use to, but that didn't matter, I was using. Something clicked for me, and I decided to return to abstinence and working my own mental program. I got a job in the course of this, and prior to that for a month and since then I have not had any desire to drink.

But I think it's time to re-engage in some AA meetings and evaluate with other alcoholics where I am now. There's a meeting I can get to now with no barriers of either transportation or availability on a regular basis. And I've been ruminating over this for a few days, since coming here, really, and think tomorrow I will go.

I share this as motivation for me to make my meeting and to let you all know how it goes!
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If meetings have been helpful in the past, I hope you can get to some soon to help your recovery.
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You're very well spoken and seem to have been through A lot. You deserve credit for your sobriety. So great job .
I think AA is a good idea, not only to learn from, but to contribute to with your experiences.
I hope you do go.
Best to you.
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i have found aa very helpful and there is loads of support from them and get some numbers etc ...keep going
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Like I've always said; "Action expresses priorities"... Ok..that was Ghandi,but it still fits in nicely with the bettering of one's self and also helping others.
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I think you should do whatever it takes to get sober and remain sober. Congratulations to you for dealing with your mental health issues.
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