How long did you wait to trust yourself around alcohol?

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I had my last drink on a Sunday, we were at a restaurant and fundraising dance the following Saturday. It wasn't a working party for me, pure fun - it was nice because the year before the bartenders thanked me for coming... (Don't waste my time with single shots boys)

Once I got my head around the fact I miss nothing by drinking, being sober socially is actually a piece of cake.
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The sense that I was okay with being around alcohol tiptoed up to me, so I can’t be specific.
But I think maybe almost a year in?
And as others have said, I don’t go out of my way to be in places where alcohol is a focus, pubs, bars, etc.
Not that I am tempted. I just don’t find them interesting .
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Im a believer that life goes on, so maybe a week or so.
- you cant live in a shell in the corner of a room!
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I used to think people couldn't smell my boozy breath because I was drinking vodka out of a water bottle.

How least was lucky to never hurt anyone or get arrested. Thanks to my Lord.

I smell booze now so easy. It permeatesthe skin.

Takes one to know one.

[Q UOTE=DreamCatcher17;6985319]I just prefer to not be around people drinking, not in fear that I am going to drink but because they are annoying and the smell of alcohol breath is terrible.[/QUOTE]
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I think it was pretty soon for me, only a few weeks. But I had someone with me who also was sober which made it easier to stay accountable. I knew I could've lied to myself but lying to another person who'd witness me drinking... not so easy!
I think it was pretty tough though and my mouth was watering the whole time. I wish I had given myself more time.

Being somewhat comfortable in such situations took me a lot longer. I'd say about a year. Now I don't mind it when I go for dinner with friends and they drink or when I'm at a wedding etc. I wouldn't really like going to anything where the main focus is on the drinking though.

But as many others said, I think these things can differ a lot from person to person

If you're not sure, I'd always give myself more time.
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It was several months for me, maybe even the best part a year?

As I've often said I needed to put clear distance between the man I was and the man I wanted to be,. I couldn't do that living my old life.

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My drinking was usually at home, but I still avoided events with alcohol for several months.
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I think I was 'nervous' around alcohol, for the first 6 months, then avoided being around it for another 6. After I hit the year milestone, it seemed to fall into place and now I don't even notice it.
Hang in there - it gets better with each passing day
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Mine was a week, at my own home, where my wife's best friend in town and had a gathering of her old friends, dinner and drinks. I socialized with my Sparkling Water all night, while they all drank. I knew I'd no choice, if I want to stay sober.

Now onto Day 25, and been in few events, but I don't miss it or want it.
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Around three months. After I realized alcohol was no longer a part of my life, I also realized I don't need to avoid being around it. However, I can't stand drunk people anymore – but I have no problem if someone has a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers.
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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post
I trust myself to be around alcohol but I donít intentionally put myself in situations where it would be a strong temptation. For example, I will eat at a restaurant that has a bar because Iím there for the food. But I donít hang out at bars anymore. Iíll go to a wedding reception, but I wonít go to a bachelor party. I attended my 30 year class reunion, but not the after party at a local bar.
Pretty much this for me too. I work in the restaurant industry, and took a break at first to work for Chick Fil A before going back to serving for a year and now other roles. I was very conservative about social choices for a lot longer than plenty of people- out of emotional focus not physical fear or temptation. I just didn't put myself in situations involving old places, people and habits. I found I didn't even want those things after a short time.

I don't live in fear, I make good choices to support recovery, and I work on these daily! I have never regretted skipping anything.
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not a greeter
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My fiance drinks and although he is supportive, he has no intentions of stopping <sigh>. He drinks in front of me but doesn't leave his open liquor bottles in plain sight. There was no easing into situations because I'm already surrounded. I don't avoid social engagements but choose not to attend those revolving around being in a bar itself. Picnics for example are tolerable for the most part. I can be around alcohol. I can be around people drinking. I cannot be around drunk, sloppy, belligerent people though. That's my line in the sand.
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4 months, but can't say I felt comfortable around it but as it was Christmas I couldn't really get away from it.
Don't even think about it now at nearly a year and have no interest in spending time at purely drink related events.
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Originally Posted by DreamCatcher17 View Post
I just prefer to not be around people drinking, not in fear that I am going to drink but because they are annoying and the smell of alcohol breath is terrible.
At 3.5 months sober, this is exactly how I feel. I don't enjoy being around alcohol- people begin repeating themselves and start getting loud and annoying. And the smell is terrible. Ironic how this never bothered me before.
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This varies for people. I agree with a lot of people who have already responded that I'm perfectly ok being around alcohol at social gatherings where the focus isn't drinking. I was able to go back to restaurants with bars and social events within a few weeks, with no desire to drink. Every once in a great while, like yesterday at a ball game, I get a tiny little bit wistful and think a drink sounds nice. I can shut that down really quickly by playing a quick tape in my head of what will very likely happen if I try to have "just one or two." Yeah, right. I was never able to stop at one or two, and I have zero illusions I'd be able to now.

I do, however, steer clear from events that I know are all or mostly about drinking. It's just boring and annoying to be around a whole bunch of drunk people. For example, I'll gladly attend a wedding and reception, but I will leave after the dinner, when the focus turns to toasting and drinking. It's just not fun for me. I still hang out with drinkers sometimes. But I have an escape plan, and I leave when people start to act stupid. If anything, seeing people drink too much and start to repeat and slur and stumble acts as a powerful deterrent to me.
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Thank you for all the responses! Itís very interesting to see the range of answers
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My other half drank through my recovery so I had to be around it all the time. Socially probably a year. I can stand being around drunk people for about 5 min now. Its just so uninlightning and boring.
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