Day 4

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Day 4

So.... its the morning of day 4 of my sobriety going cold turkey (im very lucky and baffled only to have minor side effects. Last night (friday) was some what hard as I challenged my self. My normal friday night routine is playing computer games with a crate of beer and a take away at the end of the night as a reward for working the whole week (stupid since i drank every day any way, I could just drink more on a friday night)

so I did my same routine playing the same computer games but replaced the beer with water. I noticed I have a huge habit during games to keep reaching for a drink in between deaths and down time. I did the same thing but with water and BOY did i drink a lot of water... I must say I had quite a few temptations to get some beer and I had beer in my fridge but I fought those feelings and eventually they stopped bothering me, almost like a little devil on my shoulder got bored and realised I had won.

I know this is the start of my journey and its going to get harder but challenging myself and using anger and frustration to my advantage is working so far. IM STRONG (I tell my self), and if I can do this any one can. Im so proud of myself this morning and have no thoughts of alcohol what so ever, id already be drunk by this point on a Saturday morning... Thanks for the love and support, sorry for the long story I kinda wana document my journey maybe some one can learn from it and also help me as im sure slip ups are going to happen (not if i can help it)

Much love every one stay strong
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Good luck, Singularity! I find I have to change my routines. I read now instead of watching movies because sitting in front of the movie triggered drinking. Or I walk with dogs, or start a project that requires sober attention. I'm wishing you all the best! I know you can make it … and I'm following right along with you!
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Day 5 today. Woke up really groggy this morning almost like a hangover. dont know if its my body adjusting to getting some proper sleep. seems to go away after a coffee and water.
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Yep, it's your body and brain recooperating and rewiring chemicaly from the alcohol. It goes away in about a week. Take care of yourself as if you have "the flu". Get rest and eat healthy. Don't push yourself too hard.
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Good job on day five.

I definitely changed my habits especially those at home like reading while watching tv while always having a drink on the end table...and I def maintain and huge drink on hand policy now with water, Pellegrino w lime, diet lemonade....and I definitely don't keep alcohol in the house.

I personally do not look at my recovery as a matter of strength, hope or's about having a program with tools for handling life and never turning to a drink, for any reason. It would make life as a sober person infinitely harder to rely on any notion of self will.

Best to you, for making progress, the right choices and growing in recovery as you get sober legs under you.
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I had kindling and PAWS so I was off and on in hell holes for months after I quit.

Too many relapses did it to me.

I was never a big drinker, but I drank for a long time and I drank enough to alter my central nervous system significantly.

I am still seeing healing after all this time.

Motivation now to not relapse.

Just like you, I had a routine of sitting and drinking while in my man cave on TV etc. I copied my wife and kid. They don't drink, they just chill.

Me too.

My craves ramped up to a hellish level for at least 6 to 8 months. Friday nights, special occasions etc. Were tough.

My av would try everything.

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Hi Sing,

welcome and so good you have made this decision.
Perhaps cut down the games- and get really proactive about your recovery, meetings, journal, counselor...that sort of thing. There are a lot of resources at SR. Perhaps join the Class of July '18 thread.
Support to you.
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