Going away for a week

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Going away for a week

I'm going away for a week to our family vacation home. I'm a little nervous- the closest meeting is 40 minutes from our home and it doesn't meet every day. Also I won't have internet connection there so I can't post on here.

Luckily, I'm going with the side of my family that does not drink much, so at most I'll see a couple glasses of wine at dinner, but that's about it.

Just really looking for support. This is the first time in my sobriety I've gone away this long, I really don't wanna relapse or be triggered towards a relapse.
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Print this out (and any other threads you find useful) before you go (Social Occasion Survival Guide)

I have faith that you know what the right thing is to do, and follow through with that right thing

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Thanks for the link, Dee! Great suggestions

Hi Bringmeback! Congrats on all of your hard work so far. And I understand the nervousness prior to vacation. For me, the worry usually eases up once I'm actually there. I hope your vacation is full of great memories made with your family! You got this!
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I guess this is implied but do you also not have cell coverage/smart phone? I find being able to get on SR from my phone so helpful and it doesnít require WiFi. Itís easier to lurk than post for me from phone v keyboard/computer but you can still peck out a few lines here or there. More if you use talk to type or are just a fast texter. Anyhow good luck regardless. Great suggestion from Dee to print out. I also have the big book and other recovery books on my kindle app. No wifi needed once downloaded. You got this!
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Do you have a library nearby that you
can go to? They should have computers
to use and log on. I think? Then you can
connect to SR.

Sometimes the drive to this meeting
can calm you down and focus on going
to a safe place where alcohol is not a

Maybe you can call the AA central office
and have someone pick you up or meet
you at the meeting or just meet for coffee
to talk and get you thoughts off alcohol.

If you have a laptop you can take it with
you and drive to a place, coffee shop, where
there is internet connection and log on to SR too.

Just a few ideas to pass on to ya
to help you protect and strengthen
you own recovery during this time.
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