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28 weeks pregnant and trying to get sober

Hi every one

So as the title says I am.currently 28 weeks pregnant and an alcoholic. Prior to becoming pregnant i was drinking around 2 bottles of wine a day. When I discovered I was pregnant I sought help from a local addiction centre and AA and managed to cut down to around 2 drinks per week. All my scans and checks have been normal and in my 2nd trimester my drinking slowly started to creep back up again, and ive been drinking between 2 and 6 units most days for weeks now. I am still attending AA and my 1:1 counselling but feel like nothing is working I beat myself up with guilt daily and can't sleep for worrying about my baby's health and future. I feel like I dont deserve to be a mother and hate myself every timw i drink but I just can't stop the addiction 😢😢😢

Any support will be greatly appreciated, please dont judge me I am trying so hard and giving myself enough grief.
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Welcome Pumpkin. No judgement from me, I can assure you. You are doing all the right things seeking treatment. I learned the hard way though, that talking isn't enough. You need a plan of action. A detailed plan that will keep you away from drinking each day. This might include getting rid of all alcohol in the house, planning activities when you usually drink. And coming to SR every day.....for hours if necessary to read and seek support. It really works if you do it. Tormenting yourself with shame will push you further into the addiction. Its really important to look forward now, one day at a time.
Support to you.
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Hey pumpkin,
Thank you for your kind response on my post <3
I understand entirely, Iím only a few weeks behind you @ 25 weeks pregnant.
I know how guilty and scared you feel. I feel the same way & im going to pray for you and your baby as much as I pray for me and mine.
Iím really proud of you for going to meetings.. Iím free to talk any time you need to.
When you drink does it make you feel better? The first couple of times I drank it did make me feel better but the last time it made me really really upset and scared, to the point I just wanted to throw it up. Almost like something just clicked in my mind and I realized what I was doing. Iím praying it clicks for you too <3
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how are you today Pumpkin147 ?

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How are you Pumpkin?

I read your post yesterday and I didn't know how or what to reply to you as I couldn't stop drinking when I was pregnant. Now I wish I had just said hello even. You have been on my mind. I am an alcoholic and was an alcoholic when I was expecting my daughter. I didn't know I was an alcoholic then. I just knew I couldn't live without alcohol. I didn't drink as much as i usually did when I was pregnant but I did drink which I am so ashamed of and feel guilty about to this day and my (perfect) little girl is nearly 6.
You are already doing the right things. You are going to AA and counselling. Why do you think they are not working? Have you tried any CBT ? I had some during my pregnancy. I know it is so hard but please please try not to pick up that 1st drink. Do whatever you can. When the craving comes distract yourself with doing something for when your baby arrives. Maybe write your baby a letter telling him/her how much you love them and what you are doing to beat your addiction and how your baby is more important than your addiction.

Please feel free to pm me. I will keep you in my prayers x x x
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Hi Pumpkin!

I'm sorry you are struggling to stop drinking, but please talk to your dr and do whatever it takes. This is about your unborn child. And, the following is the information we have on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which you might find helpful:

https://www.soberrecovery.com/forums...pregnancy.html (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Methadone Use During Pregnancy)
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

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