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Red78: I'am kinda with you on this book by Allen Carr. I found it to be a difficult read and I never finished it entirely

It seemed "Scattered" and...I dont know...just unorganized and it didnt stay on the immediate topic or subject.

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Alan Carrs book was very triggering to me. I think that book is best before you quit or been sober a bit. I read in early days when I was struggling and reading everything I could on alcohol. I do recall dear Dee said others had been triggered by that book also.

Blackout was good.
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Dee74 (12-23-2017)
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Originally Posted by snitch View Post
If you can get your hands on William Porter ...Alcohol Explained then read it! I live in the UK so not sure if you will be able to get a copy , Amazon? I have been trying to quit drinking for 5 years with no success. I read this book (and trust me I have read sooo many recovery books) and my perception has changed totally and I have been sober 30 days without even the desire to drink! Am looking forward to my first sober Christmas in about 20 years!
Thank you for this recommendation! I just ordered the book(kindle) and read the first few chapters. It is fantastic so far.

Congrats on 30 days!!
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I thought I posted here but maybe not.

I got some good stuff from Carrs book but I read it after I got sober.

He had a prose style I felt was really trying to hard to sell me something but I warmed to it by the end of the book.

Jason Vale's Kick The Drink Easily! covers much of the same territory but less of the hard sell.

A ot of things in both didn't really apply to my experience as an alcoholic - but I think maybe the 'problem drinker' is the intended audience anyway.

In any case, the really big take away I got from both is that alcohol doesn't really do what we want it to do anyway - so why bother?

Try and find healthier ways to get to where we want to be - less bored, less stressed, more relaxed, more confident, whatever.

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Carr’s smoking book was spot on.

Has anyone read A Million Little Pieces?
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