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Yet Another Post

Since Iím digging this site, and I have stopped drinking, Iíve done loads of thinking instead
Since my childhood, Iíve had intense anxiety
Itís come and left throughout my life
Iíve drank a bit as a kid and lots more as an adult
My anxiety stems from childhood abuse, I do know this
Iíve self-medicated yet gone years with hardly a drink, only to go back hard on boozing
Vicious cycle
Well, since this is truly the only time Iíve ever attempted quitting, Iíve really did some thinking
Iíve come up with the fact that I must deal with my emotional issues without the crutch of alcohol
And Iím finally doing just that
Sure is rough
and thatís probably why I ignored the painful issues and just poured in my temporary solution
Does this make sense to any of yíall?
Because Iím flying by the seat of my pants here
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Yes, that makes sense. Lots of us medicated our troubles away with alcohol (or other drugs). Can you see a counselor? That's what I did, for about 6 yrs, and it helped a lot.
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Got a good one, I believe
Saw him initially and tomorrow we really begin
I wanted to make sure I was ready so I delved deep and now Iím admitting to myself the genesis of my problem
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It does make sense; I am autistic, was sexually abused as a toddler and endured an emotionally abusive childhood. My first drink was at age 16 and I loved it immediately; it relaxed me and took away the crippling anxiety--for a bit. This relief came at a very steep price, though. I am working through my issues with a therapist who is definitely helping me-I am glad you are seeing someone.
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Iím very sorry for what you went through
Iím just now consciously addressing this and I thank you for the response
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