Dream of relapse

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Dream of relapse

I had my first drinking dream, well so I thought.

The dream:
My son and I were at my sisters house potting plants, hanging out, etc... And I noticed it was getting dark out, and then BAM I blackout and wake up wondering what's going on... So, I get out of bed wonder the house check out the garden. There is a watermelon the size of a small car, it was huge. I was chatting all day with my sister, then my grandma shows up (this is odd because my grandmother is not my sister's grandmother) and we were chatting and then my grandmothers (recently deceased) husband walks in the door joking on water... So, as I am feeling all sorts of uncomfortable through out the day at my sister's with the question I have to ask (just like every black out I ever had) I finally ask what happened the night before. I ask if I had drank, they all looked at me and laughed and said no. But had by sisters boyfriend known I wasn't drinking he wouldn't have asked me to pot the plants.I had already gone through my head how I didn't waste the past 74 days, I didn't throw all my sobriety away and that if I did drink, I will just have to move on to day 1 and work a little harder this time. It was a relief to know I hadn't had any alcohol, I was confused as to why I blacked out and I couldn't figure it out.

Ummm wow. Weirdness!!!

This may be my first drinking dream but I tell ya, this past week I have had the most vivid, wild, out of the norm dreams. I don't mind them, I just wish I knew what they all meant. They could just be nothing and my brain processes stuff I had seen through out the day. I did repot my cactus 2 days ago, that may explain the potting of plants, I spoke to my sister yesterday abou let plans for Sunday....

75 days free of the alcohol shackles

Did/do you have dreams of alcohol?
Do you dream at all and remember them?
Do you dream in color or black and white? (I dream in color)

I'm glad to have a place I can share, not matter how silly or serious the situation may be.
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Totally relate to your comments and dream experiences.

For me (I am now 21 mo sober) I had incredibly vivid nightmares the last six months of my drinking, which gradually turned to vivid dreams as I got sober, and keep evolving. I don't dream nearly as much that I remember, these days, and I DO have drinking dreams occasionally - and often it's a really weird scenario that is like a montage of people, places and things that do NOT go together! In color, too.

Early on, I had a couple dreams that I still recall in detail, that were hard core drinking dreams and I woke up terrified they felt so real. One, I even walked to the kitchen expecting to find the typical detritis I'd have left after a typical drinking night. Yikes.

I tend to think my dreams are me processing stuff. I don't overanalyze them but I do think about it for a few minutes when I wake up!
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I have crazy dreams, too. I am always trying to figure them out for messages. They are vivid and so real that I swear I live another life in them. I also have reoccuring dreams. I did consider keeping a 'dream diary' or record a tape of some of them. They would make a good book of stories. I like the funny ones that have me wake up laughing.
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I've had a number of drinking dreams. They are no fun and always leave me feeling a little shaken. Sometimes, I even feel physcially ill, as though I've been alcohol poisoned or am deeply hungover.

But, then I realize it was only a dream, return to my gratitude for sobriety and move on.

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I've had dreams where in my dream I've fogotten that I sobered up until after I down a drink. Then I suddently realize and get ovewhelmed with guilt. A couple times I've had the feeling of failing sobriety after waking up and have to remind myself it was only a dream.
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Relapse dreams are very common, especially in the early months, the way I see it is the sub-conscience mind is acting out, but do you know what is fantastic?! Is the relief upon waking knowing it was just a dream
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I had dreams, non drinking ones that were morbid, death based early on. Lots of blood and some involved being in a crypt with my dead parents. Eventually I had a drinking dream. I woke up furious and relived at the same time. Almost 8 months.....reality can still be the challenge. But drinking will be history....that is the plan.
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I dream in color and my awake thoughts have color splashes involved , unless I’m truly depressed.... then it’s all grays.
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I have dreams where I wake up (in the dream) knowing I drank the night before. I am so upset about throwing away my sobriety. I even told my sponsor (in my dream) that I relapsed! I am always so relieved when I really wake up and know it wasnít real and that I can add another day sober to my total. I canít control my dreams but I can keep working my program!!
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