Life Happens

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Life Happens

Iím lying here awake at 3am just thinking, and it occurred to me all the daily aggravations I go through. They could be big or small. Any one of them Iíve used as an excuse to drink. Things like:

- the cashier giving me attitude because theyíre having a bad day
- check engine light cones on
- get a flat tire
- family member/friend does you wrong
- boss is hard on you
- apply for new apartment and get denied
- get cut off in traffic
- get speeding ticket
- lose job
- family member/friend gets sick
- girlfriend cheats on you
- get in argument with wife/girlfriend
- kids wonít stop screaming/crying

These are just a few of a million different things that could go wrong on any day.

Of course, bad things donít need to happen in order to drink. Other reasons:

-excuse to have fun
- to party
- to socialize/be social
- to celebrate
- going on vacation
- getting off work
- itís the weekend
- Monday night football is on
- going out of town on a business trip

Then there are those of us who eventually drank just to drink - morning, afternoon, and night. Boredom basically.

Anyway, just posting late night thoughts. The trick is not to drink over any of these things.
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I hope you can get some rest before dawn bluedog

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Life is an endless stream of happenings.

To be cherished.
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I have to remember what was taught
to me and what ive learned and continue
to learn in my recovery program that
life goes on and that I have no control
over people, places or things. Acceptance
is the key.

The weather, I have no control over. What
people say or think of me, is none of my
concern as long as I'm responsible in doing
what I'm suppose to be doing.

If I get a ticket, then I wasn't following
the traffic laws honestly. If the cashier
is nasty to me, then i have to look at
myself. Was i pleasant to them. If i was
and they were moody, then that's not
my problem.

I have no idea about folks when i walk
out my door each day. They could be sick,
physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or
having family, car, job, money problems
and there are those under the influence
of substances we have no idea about.

We take a risk each and everyday we
are out there in the world and the only
thing we can do is make sure we are honestly
living life responsibly in recovery keeping
our side of the street clean.

Boredom is a huge problem in recovey
but doesn't have to be when we are actively
helping others and getting out of our own
self seeking, self centeredness moods.

Life in recovery give us purpose and
meaning to achieve a healthier, happier
way of life.
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