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Business trip.

I'm alone on a business trip to a cool town that likes to party,! Weather has been not so good for exploring the city and today was a 'down day' as far as work load goes. Sports bar down in the lobby loaded with attractive ladies as I passed it heading to the gym. It wrecked of booze! I just worked out,chatted with some trashed business "professionals" in the lobby(bet they are going to hate life in the morning!) and came to my shower,warm tea and watched the news. They wanted me to meet up for "a drink or two" and I almost accepted(I wouldn't have drank booze),but the sloppiness of them was a huge turnoff! Reminded me of my ex's drunk behavior after I quit drinking..annoying! Anyways..another 4days here and I get back to my normal routine. Hopefully the weather clears up,so I can get some sightseeing in before I leave. I also found a AA meeting less than 1mile from my hotel,so I'm going to check it out when I'm free this week. Hope everyone is doing well!

Newcomers;the impulsive cravings do go away if you work a plan(s),but it does take time, dedication and realizing your self-worth. I look back now (10+ months) and realize one reason I drank/acted like I did was I didn't like myself anymore and was just very unhappy on the inside. Not saying that's the case for everyone,but it's something to think about on your journey. My thoughts are with you. Goodnight all!
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I'm glad you're doing well and staying true Dontremember

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Sounds good, DR!
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business trips for many years were a place where my loneliness, isolation, despair and self-loathing intermingled with my relative anonymity, my separation from life and family, my free time and ample access to alcohol, drugs and addictive influence to create a perfect storm that fueled itself in a dark spiral.

When I finally embraced sobriety and found myself on 10-day business trips in Vegas going to bed early, reading, working out in the early mornings, drinking water and eating healthfully - I was able to look upon my old perspective with new eyes and see it for the awful excuse it all was.

I'm glad you're holding true to your sobriety. Business doesn't need to equal drinking.
~ Life!! It's WAY too good to drink to! ~
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Business trips were a problem for me. Alone in a hotel room at night in a city where nobody knows me. Dangerous times.

Planning alternatives to that scenario helped me. One of the things I enjoyed was attending AA meetings in a new town, and introducing myself at the beginning of the meeting as an out-of-towner, here on a business trip. Instant friendship and support!
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I have lost count as I am sure many here have of the number of "business trips" which was code for a jolly with almost unlimited access to free booze and what went on tour stayed on tour.

Massive respect to you for sticking to your true self in a real testing situation.

Those poor blighters will wish they had some nice tea and watched the news like you did come the morning I bet.
By Patience, I break what is hard.
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Went to the lunch time AA meeting and met some really nice people. One older guy invited me to go to church with him. I'm not really the religious type,but figured why not. Man! It's like the preacher was talking about me when I knew I was at my "bottom" and had to make some very hard,honest changes in my life or keep living the hell I was in. Very positive day! Even when I was getting dressed this morning and looked in the mirror; I loved the guy looking back at me. He looked happy,proud and at peace with himself. Thanks everyone!
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Good for you! Not sure I could handle all that pressure from my AV!
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Love this thread.

Rocking your program - it works because you're working it!!

There is a saying: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. And this step is simple, this is the point when we decide to put down the shovel and assess how deep the hole really is.
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