Poor-Man Pinned by the Drug for the Wealthy.

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Question Poor-Man Pinned by the Drug for the Wealthy.

Hey guys, NC here.

As a young adult living in a city known for it's nightlife party style, I was introduced to the infamous substance, cocaine. It started with a few grains to a gram a day. In the back of my head, I'm most determined that this habit needs to stop, as it's slowly starting to cause my wallet to cry as it puffs out dust while I open it. I'm currently in my young 20's with plans of multiple potential business ideas, sitting under a parent company. I'm most grateful that we live in a time where technology is booming and markets growing fast, and I want to live it to the fullest. I've noticed today that my nasal cavity currently has a "cliff" like dip down to my throat. Septum damage is some s*** I'd never thought I'd encounter in my life due to recreational use of a substance. Declaring it as my eye-opener, I've finally decided to take action against my addiction.

My questions consists of;

Would it be better to go for a full abstinence cold turkey cut off, or a moderated recovery?

Is this cliff going to be with me for the rest of my time here?

Any ex-addicts have stories or insight regarding their recovery process?

Appreciate the time,
Best Regards,

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Originally Posted by NeighborhoodCat View Post
Would it be better to go for a full abstinence cold turkey cut off, or a moderated recovery?
welcome NC.
as for this question, i stood a snowballs chance in hell of being able to do a "moderated recovery" from crack. or even a "taper off of" crack.
wouldnt have worked for crap with the alcohol either.

hope ya decide to stop for good and find some local F2F support. NA and AA helped me tremendously.
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Hi and welcome NeighborhoodCat
I have no experience at all with Coke, but I know you'll find support here.

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Are you just snorting it? Cold turkey. Are you smoking it? Cold turkey. Cocaine does not stay in a body for a very long period of time. If you are only doing the cocaine, then your withdrawal will be mostly mental; physical withdrawal may be 3 days with some tiredness after that, followed by learning to live without that stuff to rely on!

You can do this!

Therapy, AA or some program of recovery can help you!

If you can't quit on your own, seek a rehab place for at least 30 days. I have extensive personal research on this particular substance. This was my experience.
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Unfortunately.. Day 1 went back to day 0.

My desk at the workplace, is common ground for use, and it's only a call away.
Thoughts bothering me quite much, working was a hassle.
While team members are occupied with their tasks today, I "pick my nose" with the bullet I had in my drawer, now discarded.

Guess the first step's to abstinence is to first not have any.
I'll keep you guys updated, appreciate the feedback guys, I'll look into NA
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Originally Posted by NeighborhoodCat View Post
Unfortunately.. Day 1 went back to day 0.
It's a pity! You need to be purposeful otherwise it will not work, you will come back.
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Since my last post, I've cut cold turkey and stayed clean and is planning to stay clean. I've occupied myself introvertedly playing games for the past two months, as I'm not motivated enough to find income after multiple dead end attempts. Looking back, I saw myself constantly trying to keep my runny nose in check and jittering around with the most obvious snappy reactions with a mouth that wouldn't shut up. The thoughts that ran thru my head felt like i had some next level consciousness. Despite all that I lost during my addiction, it has been very insightful to how I should lay my future path to be. The thought of using still comes around but I've always refrained myself from doing anything stupid. I've cut off all my friends that were around narcotics and marijuana. Now despising drugs, I destroyed my medical marijuana card, as being under the influence of anything doesn't appeal to me as it used to.

Next off the list will be nicotine, I've been vaping for years as a healthier alternative but I've grown to now dislike everything that's snags me after my experience. I also need to motivate myself to stop being as lazy as I currently am.

I'll update this as I go, again, appreciate the insight guys.

It's nice to be free
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I'm so happy to hear you're clean!!! Keep up the great work!!
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Keep going, NC.
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I quit smoking\nicotine as well a while back. I thought vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking but I really don't think it is that much healthier. I actually felt worse when vaping as I look back.
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Welcome back! I'm so glad you got clean.
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Sounds great!!!

Coke is way big fun. Until it's not. Then it's a horrorshow. Been there, done that, with and without booze (usually with).

I know a number of people that did a lot of coke in their early 20s and just stopped.

Try CA if you're wavering, and please check in here.

Nicotine can be difficult to stop, and can trigger a relapse of your DOC. Be careful. There's no hurry.
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